Leaving Toys for Santa: A New Christmas Tradition

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Do you get overwhelmed thinking about the annual influx of toys at Christmastime? You probably have a bit of purging to do, but dread arguing with your kids over getting rid of toys. You could try the “Santa Sack Method” of purging. It works for us, and I bet it would work for you, too.

The Santa Sack Method of Purging helps your kids let go of toys before Christmas.
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The Purge

Right before Christmas, around November, we always do a big toy purge. The timing of a November toy purge is great for a lot of reasons, one of which is that kids are super motivated to let go of their toys when it means making room for new toys. We sort through toys and gather a pile of items ready for new homes.

What do we do with the toys? We put them in a big Santa Sack and give them to Santa and the elves, of course.

The Santa Sack

A few years ago, I grabbed a GIANT bag — aka Santa Sack (smaller bags for each child would also work just as well or even just a box). We put all our purged toys in a large bag and Santa takes it with him after dropping off our gifts. If an Elf on the Shelf visits your home before the holidays, he or she would be happy to transport the toys to the North Pole.

While I don’t officially know what happens after the toys get to the North Pole, I believe Santa brings our old toys back to the North Pole, where the elves fix them up like new. Then Santa brings the toys to different children next year. I imagine it saves the elves a ton of time and effort, and that they’re very grateful for our generosity.  

Toy purging is never easy. Get a little help from Santa to make it a a bit easier.

Why it Works

The Santa Sack Method of purging works because it encourages kids to be generous, they get to purge their toys magically, it gives them “nice list” cred, and it clears space in your house to make room for the new arrivals.

Ready to kick off this tradition in your own house? Grab a Santa Sack, download and personalize these letters, and get started clearing out! Then leave a comment and tell me how perfectly it worked!

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