9 Best Ways to Label Anything & Everything

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If you’re getting organized and have been looking for organizing inspiration on Instagram or Pinterest, you may have noticed that nearly every image of an organized space has two elements: containment and labels. While labels and containers aren’t always essential for organization, they can be helpful—specifically labelling. Labels for organizing have a lot of benefits and help you take charge of your space. If you’re looking for ways to label all the things, then this post is for you!

Surprising benefits to labeling and 9 Labels for organizing your space.
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When you use labels for organizing, you…

Learning how to label things is one thing. When you use labels for organizing, you are helping yourself in so many ways. However, just like everything else in life, you need to have boundaries. So, if you’re going to use labels for organizing, here is what you need to do.

  • Hold yourself accountable for putting that item back in its “home.” No matter how hard this is, just do it in the moment.
  • Know where to look for that item should you need it. This is such an important step!
  • Tell family members or visitors in your home where to find things/put things back. You don’t want to have to keep cleaning up after them.

Plus, they look nice, and who doesn’t want that?

Labeling is the last step in the organizing process, and it’s not even always necessary—such as a junk drawer—but it can be oh-so-satisfying. It’s icing on the cake when you’re getting organized.

There are a ton of labelling options that range in look, style, and cost. I’m going to share a few of my favorites today.

9 Labels for Organizing Your Life

Chalkboard tape

Chalkboard tape labels are my first choice when I want something quick, cute, and cheap. A roll Scotch Chalkboard Tape is around $7, so it’s a good value.

You can cut the tape for the perfect fit. This tape comes with a non-adhesive sheet that peels off when you’re ready to use it, just like stickers.

Make sure you grab a quality white marker, too.

Simply cut the tape the size you want, write on it with your chalk marker, and then stick it on! This tape sticks securely, but also peels off easily if you change your mind. Low cost, low commitment, high style.

Warning, not all chalkboard tape is created equal. Stick with Scotch! And don’t be misled by the title “chalkboard”… these labels aren’t erasable if you use chalk markers or paint pens.

Label-Maker Labels for Organizing

Does someone you know struggle with their handwriting? If so, then they are going to love being able to label everything without an issue.

All you need is a label maker. I have found that there are at least three great label makers for home organization.

Label makers print out crisp, cohesive, easy-to-read labels with the touch of a few buttons. Here are my top three label maker recommendations.

Newer label makers also come with a ton of great options such as different size tape, fancy fonts, pictures, and even apps that allow you to print right from your phone.

Paint Pen on Plastic

Don’t you love the simplicity of this one? A white paint pen written directly on a bin is simple, fun, and effective. Plus, if you change the purpose of your bin, it wipes off with a little nail polish remover. This is perfect for labeling bins and labeling jars. Nice handwriting makes these especially cute!

Labels for organizing are important but they dont have to be complicated. 9 Simple ways to label.

This is perfect for labeling bins and labeling jars. Nice handwriting makes these especially cute!

Hanging Tags

Baskets made of natural fibers or uneven surface can be tricky to label. One great option for these bins is hanging tags like FindYourFancee did here.

Tags can be made from materials such as wood, acrylic, or cardboard and in a variety of shapes and colors.

It won’t be hard to find one that matches your style and your budget!

Bin Clips

Baskets are great for organizing, but labeling them can be tricky. This is where bin clips come in!

These ingenious clips allow you to use your fancy handwriting, print out a sticker, or cut out some vinyl and attach it to the tag.

Simply write out the label and then attach it over the side of the basket. It’s beautifil and functional!

If purchasing, opt for metal or a thick plastic for durability. Stay away from the flimsy plastic clips amazon sells!


Labeling doesn’t have to be complicated! Since we are human, our brains over complicate everything. Let’s keep it simple!

Don’t underestimate the power of a post-it note or index card! If you’re crafty, you can even scrapbook paper to size.

Don’t love your handwriting? Create a word document, print out some labels, and tape them on.

This label was created in a word document, printed, cut to size, and laminated for a cheap and effective label.

Laminate it for long-term durability.

Stickers Stuck Together

I’ve come across a few situations, usually with wicker baskets, where clips won’t work, so I’ve created a sticker “hack” that I use occasionally.

Simply write your label sideways along the right side of the sticker, peel it off, loop it through the handle of the basket, fold it over and stick the ends of the stickers to one another.

Using a sticker stuck over on itself can be an effective way to label tricky baskets.

It provides a label and gets the job done when it might not otherwise be possible!


Finally, my absolute favorite, but most complex and expensive labels for organizing are custom vinyl decals.

I have a Silhouette Cameo cutting machine, which comes with a software program for designing and cutting adhesive vinyl.

I measure my bin space, design what I want to cut, feed vinyl in the color I want into my machine and watch it do its thing.

This method of labelling requires a financial investment. It can be time-consuming, and there’s quite a learning curve while you learn to use the software and the machine — but it can also pay for itself in many ways!

If you’re a professional organizer or enjoy crafting, consider purchasing a Cameo.

Love the looks below? Find them in my Etsy Shop.

The Power of Post-Its

Many of the labels listed above cost money, take time, and may be difficult to remove or replace if you change your mind, but you know what are not? Post-It’s.

Labels for organizing dont have to be complicated-- just use post it notes if you're not ready to commit.

Post-It’s come in different sizes, colors, and stickiness. They’re inexpensive and easy to replace. Before making a big purchase or label commitment, try Post-It’s as a placeholder. Make sure your system is working and the labels are helpful.

Labeling Your Life

Labeling is an important part of getting organized. If I’m being honest, I would spend all day making labels and getting organized. What’s your favorite method to label your life? Leave a comment below and let me know!

Melissa, Life with Less Mess Owner
Labels for organizing don't have to be complicated or expensive. Here are 9 ways to label your home to get organized and stay organized.

8 thoughts on “9 Best Ways to Label Anything & Everything”

  1. I need to label a wood cabinet door so people know the first-aid kit is in the cabinet. What kind of label can I use on wood?

    1. Hi Linda! The chalkboard tape should work well without damaging the wood! It comes off rather easily when you want it to! If you’re not worried about damaging the wood I’d go with a label maker, if possible!

  2. I loved that you mentioned that label makers are great if you don’t have good handwriting. I have been wanting to design some new labels for my small business for about a month now. I used to handmade all the labels, but I think I want to start printing them.

  3. Love this!! Would you be able to specify the size of the jars you purchased? There are so many different sizes listed. And the same request for the storage bin.

  4. It caught my attention when you said tags could be made out of anything from wood, and acrylic, to cardboard. Right now, I’m considering either wood or vinyl for my signs and tags. I think they last longer, and since I wouldn’t need to replace the tags often, having something permanent wouldn’t be a problem.

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