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The Less Mess Challenge is a 12-week event that goes room-by-room to declutter, clean, and organize every single space. Officially, this challenge starts in January and runs through March, but you can do it anytime! Click below to explore each weekly task!

Organizing and Decluttering go hand in hand and are essential to life with less mess.
Planning and routines help you maintain your organization by keeping your life with less mess running smoothly.
DIY projects are simpler and more fun when your life is organized!

When life is simplified and decluttered, life is easier.

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Meet Melissa

Blogger & Organizer

Hi! I’m Melissa, owner of Life with Less Mess! As a teacher, then a mom, then an organizer, and then a teacher again, I’ve learned (firsthand, over and over) the benefits that organization can bring into lives – especially busy lives with lots of kids running around!

Follow along as I organize, declutter, and DIY my way through my spaces. By living my life with less mess, I hope I can motivate and inspire you to do the same! LEARN MORE

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