How to Handle Spice Organization

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There are many levels of organization and one I want to talk about today is spice organization. At one end of the spectrum, you can’t find your shoes, the shirt you want, or unexpired tomato sauce in your pantry. At the other end, you’re so organized, you’ve decanted every grain of every food and labeled, your cabinets become a work of art and your bookshelves have rainbows. While few live at this end of the spectrum, that’s who I’m talking to today. There are many spice organization ideas in the world. Let’s talk about how to handle spice organization.

Matching Spice Jars

**Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links, but I don’t recommend these items for the itsy-bitsy percentage I’ll get if you purchase through them. I recommend these items because I love them and am pretty sure you will, too.**

Spice Organization

Before — all my spices were "organized" but could use an upgrade.
Organized? Mostly. Pretty? Not so much.

Are matching baskets, rainbowed books, and decanted spices necessary? No. Functional? Sometimes. Pretty? Heck, yes. This is where organizing and home décor meet. Where organization turns from a task to a hobby.

You are perfectly, 100% organized if your spices have a home, you know what you have, they aren’t expired, and you have and can find what you need.

Stop there if you’re happy with your spice situation. But if you, like me, get a kick out of beautifying while organizing, then read on.

Spice Jar Upgrade

As a budget-conscious mom, I have a wish list of home goods I’d love, but I need to prioritize. Matching spice jars were not a priority, but they were in my “Save for Later” cart on amazon. By some Christmas miracle, my husband noticed the spice jars and purchased them for me on behalf of my daughter as a Christmas gift. And just like that, I had a project! What a perfect way to spend a winter afternoon! The project was fun to do and now it’s a part of my house.

How to Decant & Label Spices

First, I took all the spices out of their cabinet and piled them onto the counter. I wiped down the cabinet and began sorted the spices. I tossed expired spices and donated the ones I had purchased with good intentions but hadn’t used and probably never would.

Spices in glass jars are available at the grocery store.

Prep the Jars (if needed)

For the past year or so, I had already been purchasing organic spices from the grocery store. These jars are EXACTLY the same as the jars available for purchase on amazon. I peeled the labels off the glass jars and used Goo Gone for any remaining stickiness.

Pour spices into glass jars.

Fill the Jars

Taking the label-free jars and the new jars, I took the spices in plastic containers and poured them into glass jars using a funnel.

Apply custom labels to glass spice jars - spice organization ideas.

Make/Purchase Custom Spice Labels

I created custom vinyl labels using my Cameo Silhouette on white vinyl (white stands out better on spice jars). I have a few versions available in my Etsy Shop.

Spice Organization Ideas - Custom vinyl labels applied to glass jars.

Apply the Labels

I applied the labels to each jar, which is always so satisfying. Don’t be overwhelmed by this step. It’s actually quite simple. Here’s an instructional video.

Spice organization - when decanting spices, write the expiration date the on the bottom of the jar.

Transfer Expiration Dates

Finally, I used a white paint pen to transfer the spice expiration date from the plastic jar to the glass jar. When I replace the contents of the jar, I will use nail polish remover to erase the white paint and I’ll write a new expiration date on them.

Spice Organization Results

Then, I did what any normal human would do. I lined my spice jars up in various spots in my kitchen as though they were in a wedding and I did a full-blown photo shoot. Obviously.

Spice Jar Organization Ideas
Oh, my spice. Aren’t they pretty?

Spice Jar Upgrade Time and Cost

This project took about an hour, cost about $25. It was so inexpensive for me for a variety of factors. First, I’d already been purchasing spices in glass jars and only needed a set of 12. Second, I already had a cutting machine and vinyl. It may cost as much as $40-100, depending on how many jars and labels you need to purchase. If vinyl labels sound a little over the top, you can label your jars in other ways, but labels are essential!

Spice Organization Update

Since posting this, I’ve since changed the labels on my spice jars and have changed where I organize my jars. Formerly, I kept them in a cabinet in a pullout shelf, but I had a stroke of inspiration and cleared a spot for them in a drawer. We built some DIY Spice Drawer Inserts and my spices are loving life. All the details of our spice reorganization project are here.

Spice Organization

So is this project a bit above and beyond? Yes. Yes, it is. But I smile every time I peek into my cabinet or cook dinner. Be honest, doesn’t this make you want to organize your spices even a little? If this isn’t your thing, there are plenty of other spice organization ideas in this round up post, it’s full of gorgeous spice organization ideas. Send me pictures after you organize your spices and have your own photoshoot! I can’t wait to see

If you’re wondering how to handle spice organizations, then this article is for you. There are so many ideas that you can use, just make sure utilize them in your life.

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