Laundry Room Organization

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Laundry is an unpleasant chore, but I have a secret: having an organized laundry room actually makes doing laundry more efficient and… I won’t say “pleasant” but maybe… more satisfying. Or at least less painful. Laundry room organization is pretty essential, so let’s get down to business.

An Organized Laundry Room is essential for making a dreaded chore less painful.
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Organization Basics

Remove what doesn’t belong.

The first step to laundry room organization is to make sure all the items in the space need to be there. If there are items that clearly don’t belong, remove them from the space. It should not become a dumping ground or a place where random belongings go to die.

The actual items that you’ll keep in your laundry room will depend on the space. The larger it is, the more “non-laundry” items you’ll probably store there. The smaller it is, the more focused and streamlined your space should be.

Give each item a home

Every item in this space must have a purpose and a home. The best way to ensure this is to take absolutely everything out of your space, item by item, and evaluate whether it still serves you and belongs in this space. If the item doesn’t serve you or belong in the laundry room, re-home it, donate it, or throw it away.

Clean your space.

While you’re emptying your spaces, give them a good wipe down, laundry rooms are the dustiest place in most homes—they’re also fire hazards, so vacuum out those vents, too. After your space is clean, consider where your items should go. Keep the things you reach for most (in a laundry room, that would be the detergent) in the most accessible spots. Put items you reach for less often (stain remover, washing machine cleaner) further out of reach.

Now, let’s get more specific.

Must Haves for an Organized Laundry Room

The less you have in your laundry room, the less you must organize it, however there are certain items that can make your space more efficient and, in turn, make your job (aka, doing laundry) easier.

Accessible Detergent

Ideally, the spot you keep your laundry detergent should be as close as possible to your washing machine. Stay as basic as you’d like or dress it up to add style. Powder laundry detergent in a glass jar is so much nicer to look at than giant branding, give it a shot, especially if you’ve got open shelving! Add a label if you’d like, or skip it for a cleaner look.

Laundry room organization is essential. Putting detergent in glass jars makes your laundry room pretty, too.
Glass jars for detergent are so much prettier than giant orange detergent bottles.

I recently went down an even more environmentally friendly path and purchased Tru Earth detergent strips. I put them in my glass jar because I still had it, but it really wasn’t necessary. A year’s worth of laundry strips came in a box smaller than a shoe box. It saves SO MUCH PLASTIC waste, there’s literally no mess at all, the strips are as light as a feather — no lugging heavy bottles of detergent up and down off a shelf.

Hanging Space for Laundry

Ideally, every laundry room organization plan should have a space for hanging clothing right out of the dryer. If you’ve got the space for a closet rod, hang one up! In a tighter space, these fold out, wall-mounted organizers can be helpful.

A Laundry Room Organization must have is a place for hanging all your clothing.

To avoid wrinkles, hang your clothing up as soon as it comes out of the dryer.

I like to keep extra hangers in the laundry room for convenience. Ideally, I’d move the hanging clothes up to my closet at the end of every load, but, I usually wait a few days.

Pocket Treasure Bowl

This one’s simple and offers a great opportunity to repurpose a sentimental bowl or tray. On my laundry room shelf, I keep a simple blue bowl. It offers a fun pop of color and is a great place to toss rocks, paper clips, coins, hair bands and other “pocket treasures” I find in the laundry. Mine is from a garage sale, but you can easily use a mug you love but don’t love to drink out of, a favorite piece of china, or even a mason jar.

Lint Bin

I don’t have to tell you the importance of keeping the lint trap clean. Set yourself up for success by making it simple — keep a lint bin close by. If you aren’t, attach a lint trap garbage can to your wall, your cabinet, or even the side of your dryer. This one is cute and even comes with a little brush.

A magnetic link container helps with keep a laundry room clean.

Cast-off Basket

Mom Hack: Put a basket for items that don't fit or are worn out in your laundry room for easy sorting.

Whether you have baskets in children’s closets or in the laundry room, you’ll want a spot to toss clothes when you notice they’re too small or you’re just ready to let them go. I keep mine in the laundry room, so the clothes get cleaned one more time before they’re passed on or boxed up.

I toss items in the baskets for a month or two and when the basket is full, I sort through everything and put it in its rightful spot.

A place for all the Extras

Laundry detergent is really the only supply you NEED to do your laundry, however there are always extras like stain remover, specialty detergents, and bags for delicates. Corral all these little bits and pieces in a bin or a turntable. Contain them in a turntable for easy access with just a spin or Put them in a bin you can use like a drawer. There’s no one right way, just don’t let them clutter up your space.

A turntable is a great way to keep your laundry room organized! It holds everything you need in an easy-to-reach way.

A Pretty Little Laundry Space

Function should be the key priority of your laundry room—make sure it works for you so you can work efficiently (and spend as little time doing laundry as possible). But if you’ve got a space you’re going to be working in regularly, it might as well be nice to look at! Glass jars, matching bins, cute labels, and a bit of décor such as plants or wallpaper can go a long way in dolling up your space and making doing laundry that much less painful.

Laundry Room Organization

Having an organized laundry room will not make doing laundry any more fun, however it will make it less stressful. In fact, getting organized reduces stress besides other benefits. Focusing on laundry room organization is worth every second you spend on the task.

Simple laundry room organization.  Laundry is no fun but at least it can be organized!

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