Chores for 8-Year-Olds: A List

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Do you give your children chores? Chores help kids learn life skills, increases responsibility, confidence, and time management skills (source). But starting as young as two, teaching them patiently, and being supportive will soon have them working more effectively and doing jobs that lessen your load. Read my Tips for Chores for Kids. Below, you’ll find a list of chores for 8-year-olds that are both age appropriate and helpful.

28 age-appropriate chores for 8 year olds to get them helping out around the house

8 is a fun age. Kids are still kids, but they’re also more capable and tend to be interesting conversationalists. They love to please people and enjoy being truly helpful. So let them be helpful! If you’ve been having your kids do chores since they were young, this list is a natural progression from smaller tasks. If your 8-year-old is new to chores, start slow, explain patiently, and allow for imperfection.

8-Year-Olds Can…

25 chores for 8 year olds
  • Make/pack their lunch. Set them up for success with this system.
  • Empty the litter box
  • Empty the dishwasher
  • Set the table (silverware, napkins, drinks)
  • Clear dishes from the table & wipe it off
  • Clean bathroom (sinks, counter, toilet, dust bust floor)
  • Run a load of towels, start to finish
  • Scoop pet waste in the yard
  • Clean baseboards
  • Feed pets
  • Simple dinner prep
  • Water plants
  • Clean the mudroom area (shoes away, jackets up, sweep)
  • Walk dogs
  • Sweep/blow off porch
  • Pull weeds
  • Clean window sills
  • Dust simple furniture
  • Make bed
  • Collect garbages in the house
  • Tidy toys
  • Clean bedroom
  • Vacuum a room (not stairs)
  • Bring garbage cans to the curb & back
  • Sweep
  • Put laundry away

While it’s best to be cleaning your home with environmentally friendly products, it’s especially important when children are using the cleaners. Their little bodies are much more susceptible to chemicals than adults’. Norwex, Mrs. Meyers, and TruEarth are some of my favorite environmentally friendly options.

Chores for 8-Year-Olds

Speaking from experience, this list of chores for 8-year-olds is appropriate for both the level of responsibility and physical ability, although it will vary by child. As I mentioned above, take it slowly. Explain tasks step-by-step and allow for jobs to be imperfect, especially if it’s their first time.

Would you add any additional chores to this list?

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