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My son is a pretty obsessed with Minecraft. So obsessed that when I asked him to swap bedrooms with his sister, he only agreed to do it if he could have a Minecraft room. I was reluctant — I’m not much of a bedroom “theme” kind of person, but I wanted to him to be happy with this move and if Minecraft was going to help, then we needed to compromise. This Minecraft bedroom, specifically the feature wall, turned out pretty great!

Take a Tour of this Can't-Miss Minecraft Bedroom with a DIY Minecraft wall

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I dove into Pinterest to get some inspiration, and ideas soon formed. I would paint the room a dark grey color and then create one pixilated-looking feature wall out of different colored squares. We’d make our own art and use toys as decor as much as possible. I was aiming for fun without being tacky. I was also aiming for easy and impermanent, because how long was he really going to love Minecraft?

Minecraft Walls

Minecraft Bedroom Inspiration
Image from The Daily Dot

I drew most of my inspiration from an image I found on Pinterest from The Daily Dot, I loved the wall, the larger size of the squares, and the variety of colors.

Most examples of Minecraft bedrooms I had seen, including the one above, involved grid lines, painting, and LOTS of money spent on quarts of paint. It was all too much work and too expensive. Then I had an idea.

I have a Cameo Silhouette and often purchase my vinyl in 12×12 squares for cutting vinyl labels. I pay about $.60 per square. Outfitting an entire wall in squares would not be as cheap as one gallon of paint, but it was less than wallpaper and was going to be a lot simpler and cleaner than painting a variety of colors — as long as they had the colors I needed.

I was in luck (details below).

Painting the Minecraft Room

We chose Shark Fin as the base wall color for this Minecraft Bedroom

The first thing I did was paint. I decided on SHARK FIN for the walls. It’s dark grey and cave-like, which is quite appropriate for Minecraft. Plus, if my son grows out of his Minecraft bedroom in a year or two, the grey will still be fine.

If you’re a frequent reader here and this color looks familiar, it’s close to the dark grey we painted our playroom when we made a Homework Station, but not quite the same. Apparently I have a thing for grey walls.

I painted all four walls, even the one that would eventually be covered in vinyl.

Cost: $30

Minecraft Bedroom Accent Wall

After choosing which wall I was going to make the Minecraft wall, I measured it. The wall I was decorating was 8 feet tall and 11 feet wide, with no windows or any other obstructions. I needed 88 square feet of vinyl, with a few extra sheets for errors. The vinyl sheets come in 12″x12″ squares, so it was very straightforward.

I chose the brand Oracal 631, an indoor removable vinyl. I’ve used it before and have been pleased with the quality. It also came in a wide variety of colors. I placed an order for 92 pieces of vinyl at Expressions Vinyl.

I ordered a variety of tans, browns, and greens, striving for the classic Minecraft look.

Vinyl Colors for the Minecraft Accent Wall

Making a Minecraft Wall with vinyl squares
  • 10 sheets of Brown
  • 10 sheets of Celedon
  • 10 sheets of Clay Brown
  • 5 sheets of Dark Beige
  • 10 sheets of Dark Green
  • 7 sheets of Green
  • 15 sheets of Light Brown
  • 10 sheets of Light Green
  • 5 sheets of Nougat Brown
  • 10 sheets of Tumble Brown

All in all, my 92 pieces of vinyl cost $55.20, plus $10 shipping. Although I hate paying for shipping, I was quite pleased at the low cost of this project.

Applying the Vinyl Mosaic

Before applying the vinyl, I gathered my materials. I had previously applied peel and stick wallpaper, so I had everything I needed.

I gathered:

Before getting started, I laid all the vinyl out in piles on the floor and grabbed them mostly at random. I wanted to replicate the colors of Minecraft, so I was going to apply the greens at the top of the wall and gradually work in some tans and then darker browns as I got lower. I sometimes put two of the same square next to each other or in an “L” shape, but only once in a while.

The Minecraft Wall for the Minecraft Bedroom is starting to take shape.

I started at the top left corner of the room and worked my way to the right, and then down.

This Minecraft Wall was created with removable vinyl squares in different colors and cost about $60.

I peeled the backing off a vinyl square, applied the top edge and then gently scraped down the middle of the square and then out towards the sides. Occasionally, air bubbles would get stuck under the vinyl. When this happened, I continued scraping them out towards the sides of the vinyl.

I applied a few squares crookedly, but luckily the vinyl was forgiving and I could pull it off and reapply. One challenge I didn’t expect was the static. It pulled the vinyl to the wall before I was prepared, which was tedious, but I did this project in December with the heat on, so there wasn’t much I could do to prevent this.

It also turned out that the dark grey base (Shark Fin, pictured above) was an excellent choice in paint color. Towards the bottom of the wall I left a handful of squares un-vinyled and the grey worked perfectly in the mosaic. Can you spot the 4 Shark Fin squares in the picture below?

This Minecraft Wall is the centerpiece of this Minecraft Bedroom.

Full squares of vinyl wouldn’t fit along the bottom row of the wall, so I used the X-Acto knife to cut the vinyl where it met the baseboard.

My work is imperfect when you look at it closely, but luckily the wall is busy enough that you can’t quite tell, plus the grey background helps disguise the mistakes. If the wall color was white, you would definitely see gaps.

The Minecraft Bedroom was coming together!

A zoom in of the Minecraft Wall made from vinyl squares.

Cost & Time

Overall, this Minecraft wall cost me $65 for the vinyl and $30 for the gallon of paint. I applied the vinyl in about 3 hours. I did it for an hour or so at a time over the course of the week between Christmas and New Years.

Minecraft Bedroom Artwork

To jazz up the other plain grey walls, we painted our own Minecraft themed canvases.

I gathered:

First, I used a pencil and ruler to draw 1″ grid lines on the 12″x12″ canvases. Next, I mapped out what I wanted each canvas to look like, then painted using small bottles of acrylic paint. Sometimes I had to create my own custom colors to get the right shade for the pictures. We mixed colors on a paper plate.

Creating some Minecraft art for the Minecraft Bedroom.

These pictures are imperfect and I cringed a bit letting my son do the work, but we had fun creating them and they look great on his walls. The pop of color is just what his grey Minecraft bedroom needed.

Cost: $25

Minecraft art brightens up this Minecraft Bedroom.

Minecraft Bedding

Plain Comforter

To allow the Minecraft wall and Minecraft artwork to shine, I kept the rest of the room fairly simple. Instead of getting a Minecraft-themed bedspread, I went with a plain black comforter and sham. It’s reversible to bright green if we wanted to switch it up a bit, but for now, it’s black. He also has a small fuzzy Minecraft throw at the bottom of his bed.

Minecraft Bedroom Pillows

To jazz up the bed a little, I purchased two Minecraft pillow shams. One is a Minecraft TNT box pillow, which provides a nice pop of red in an otherwise dark room. The other is a Minecraft creeper pillow.

Minecraft pillows serve as decor for this bedroom

After I finished the Minecraft wall, I had a few large squares of vinyl left. I cut them down to 4″ squares and stuck them randomly around the room. He’s got a few over the bed, a few under his desk, and a few in the closet. It’s just a fun touch that brings the room together.

Cost: About $60

Minecraft Toys

I didn’t purchase additional decor for this Minecraft bedroom because I didn’t want to spend money on items that would end up as clutter. I like to keep things as minimal as possible so there’s less to tidy (just one benefit of minimalism for moms).

He had a few Minecraft toys that add to the theme, such as a sword and a creeper plush. The only other toys he has in here are Minecraft LEGO. He has an entire world set up on a LEGO/train table in his room. The collection of LEGO is made up of birthday and Christmas gifts over the years. While I know less is more when it comes to toys, we all have a hard time letting go of LEGO.


Minecraft LEGO are always set up.

Cost: Probably more than the rest of the room combined. Ouch.

Making a Minecraft Bedroom

My son has been in his Minecraft bedroom for about three years now and he still loves it as much as ever. When I dare to recommend he take some of his Minecraft LEGO down to build something else, I’m met with resistance. His room is dark, but it’s cozy and fun.

A Minecraft Bedroom Tour you won't want to miss. The quickest, cheapest way I could find to create a Minecraft wall and masterpiece.

Do you have a Minecraft-obsessed child? Creating a Minecraft bedroom is a fun way of making a project out of their favorite past-time. If you’re thinking of taking this project on, I’d love to hear about it! Drop a note below and let me know how it goes!

23 thoughts on “Minecraft Bedroom Tour”

  1. My son would love this. We have textured walls, though. Any suggestions for that? I’m sure the vinyl squares would struggle….

    1. The squares might still work, depending on how textured… maybe you could order a sheet or two to try it out? Otherwise you could do it with paint — although that would be time consuming and much more permanent!

  2. Hi- I am ordering the vinyl… is that white and a light grey in the mix? I am trying to figure out what colors you used on the expressions website. Thank you!

    1. Hi Courtney,

      I don’t have any white in there, and the grey squares are actually the paint on the wall. I think as long as you go with a combination of tan/brown/green it will be perfect! Definitely don’t overthink it!! 🙂

      Also, I’d LOVE to see a pic of the finished space!


  3. Love This! I am going to purchase these vinyl and instead of the walls I want to do the furniture I think. Though I kind of want to do it all now. I have been looking for a better way to make up my sons Minecraft room.

  4. Question:Can you share a little more about the painting the canvas? Did you use a template to draw the characters on the canvas?

    1. Of course! I made sure to get 12×12″ canvases and then I penciled in a line every 1″ both vertically and horizontally so the canvas was covered in a grid. After that it was just a matter of mapping out which colors go where – kind of like a paint by number! I didn’t totally plan on sharing this project on my blog so I didn’t document it much. I wish I had!

      Hope this helps!


  5. Oh this is awesome!! I’ve been looking for a way to Minecraft up my obsessed son’s room and this is perfect! Thank you so much for sharing!

  6. Can you tell us how easy the vinyl is to remove? As you mentioned in the blog- I fear the day he wakes up tomorrow and doesn’t like Minecraft anymore. How easy are they to remove and does it damage the wall? Thanks!

    1. I haven’t removed these sheets yet as we’re still Minecraft-obsessed here, but I have applied and removed other removable vinyl and have had no issues so I’m hoping for the same results when we’re done with Minecraft!

  7. YOU ARE MY HERO. We are moving into a new house this weekend and my 6 year old wants a Minecraft room and taping and painting these would be sooooooooo tedious. GENIUS! I would kiss you if I could!

  8. The list of vinyl colors used is amazing! If we wanted to substitute one (tumble brown), which color is that? A lighter or darker brown? I am ordering vinyls now to try this out! Thank you so much for the great ideas!

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