9 Must-Have Kitchen Organization Products

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Organizing the kitchen is no simple feat because they’re so complex. They often have different sized drawers and cabinets that hold thousands of products. Not only that, but the products need to be thoughtfully placed and easily accessed. I’ve compiled a list of my favorite kitchen organization products to make the whole process simpler!

Product suggestions that will take your kitchen organization up a notch.
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Why Organize the Kitchen?

Kitchens are one of the busiest rooms in the house. When they are cluttered and chaotic, you won’t want to spend time in them to cooking and you definitely don’t want to clean.

Even if you don’t want to cook and clean, you still need to eat. That means takeout, which means more money and less healthy. So really, organizing and decluttering in your kitchen is good for your health and your wallet.

It’s also better for your mental state.

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My Favorite Kitchen Organization Products

While the best ways to keep your kitchen tidy and organized is by minimizing your belongings and maintaining good tidying habits, there are certain products that will make life easier.

Kitchen organization products can help you easily access all your items — which helps you get what you need and put it back without making a mess in your space.

Here are some of my favorite products for kitchen organization:

Vertical Dividers

Vertical dividers are great for a variety of kitchen items. When you keep items vertical instead of piled on top of one another, it’s easy to grab the item you want without toppling a pile.

Cutting boards, baking sheets, pans, and lids are all great items to store in vertical dividers.

While the divider you get will depend on your space, YouCopia makes a variety of quality, adjustable organizers.

Drawer Dividers

If you have a drawer full of itty bitty things with no dividers, you’ve got a problem. Some drawers can get away with being divider-less, but drawers with small items such as junk drawers and flatware drawers really need some help. You probably already have an organizer for your flatware (if you don’t, here’s a simple one that should meet your needs)

For example, I have small items such as corn on the cob holders, straws, chip clips in small acrylic drawer dividers. Other candidates for drawer dividers are measuring spoons, ziplock bags, kitchen gadgets, and cooking utensils.

Drawer dividers are essential for kitchen organization.

Drawer organizers come in a variety of materials such as plastic, acrylic, and bamboo. Pick one that matches your kitchen and meets your needs. These often come in sets but can also be purchased individually at The Container Store.

Turntables or Lazy Susans

Turntables, aka lazy susans, are great for situations in which you’re storing a lot of little items in a space and you want access to all of them without knocking over the items in the front.

With a simple push of the wheel, you can access everything in that space. I have a turntable in my cabinets for oils and one on the top shelf of my refrigerator. They’re also great for awkward pantry corners and spices.

This youcopia turntable makes it easy to grab any oils I need.
This YouCopia 11″ turntable is perfect for oils.

Water Bottle Organizers

Families across the United States are all dealing with the same problem — too many water bottles! Stacking water bottle holders are perfect for accessing the bottle you want without toppling all the others.

Favorite Kitchen Organization Product: Water Bottle Organizer

I like the YouCopia UpSpace Organizer because the shelf heights are adjustable, which is perfect for super thick water bottles. I have two of these organizers and I keep them in my deep corner cabinet.

Sturdy Bins

There are SO many ways to use a good sturdy bin in a kitchen. I often use bins to contain categories of food within a pantry, cleaning supplies under the sink, and extra vitamins and spices.

If you prefer to see your items, opt for clear bins. If you prefer a less visually cluttered look, go for a solid plastic.

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Stacking Drawers

If you don’t have some kind of stacking something under your kitchen sink, you’re probably wasting valuable space.

Vertical stacking drawers are great for maximizing vertical space under your sink.

Pro Tip: There are less-expensive plastic drawer units that may tempt you — resist! These are too lightweight. When you pull the top drawer out, the entire unit falls forward. The metal units are heavier and sturdier.

Pull Out Drawers

If you’ve got deep cabinets with no drawer or bin acting as a drawer, I’m betting it’s either half-empty or disorganized.

Consider installing a pull out drawer. These drawers are pricey and require some tools for installing, but they make a WORLD of difference for accessing those deep bottom cabinets.

Installing a pull out drawer unit in your kitchen will make it so much more efficient!

Divided Trays

Divided trays or drawer dividers are must-haves for junk drawers. If your junk drawer is so full of junk that you can’t even find the things you know are in there, it’s time to clean it out and invest in an organizer and give your items a home!

Divided trays are a wonderful product for kitchen organization.

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Stacking Drawers

Many kitchen sink cabinets don’t use vertical storage well, a stacking drawer unit can help solve that problem. Store sponges, microfiber cloths, trash bags, or anything else in the drawers without losing an inch.

Stacking drawer units under the sink can give you so much more space!
Stacking drawer units under the sink can give you so much more space!

Kitchen Organization Products

I know it’s kind of ironic that I’m telling you to declutter while suggesting products to purchase, but sometimes a well-placed kitchen organization item can make all the difference in the functionality and efficiency of a space.

Just make sure you measure your space before you buy!

Adding any of these to your kitchen? Have a product suggestion I missed? I’d love to know! Leave a comment below!

9 Must Have Kitchen Organization Products according to a professional organizer

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