I have enough.

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I have enough. It is a choice. Enough is a mindset. Once you're there, you're free.

“I have enough” is a choice. Have you made it yet?

If you look around your home and see a mess, it might be time to decide.

If you constantly feel you’ve got to clean and do laundry, it might be time to decide.

If you can’t believe your credit card bill is as large as it is, it might be time to decide.

If you can’t keep track of lessons, sports, and activities, it might be time to decide.

If you feel you can’t keep up with life, it might be time to decide.

Me? I have enough.

I’ve decided. I have enough clothes, shoes, fall décor. I have enough nail polish, makeup, pillows, books, furniture, curtains, pens, notebooks, craft supplies. My pantry has enough food. I HAVE ENOUGH.

And once you decide, you’re free.

Those sale emails? Delete.

The catalogs in your mailbox? Recycle.

The banners in front of stores? Walk on by.

Those free items you get from hosting a party? Pass.

That money? It’s yours.

Once you decide you have enough, your time is yours, too. How much time do you spend shopping? Probably more than you think. If you’re not physically wandering around a store, you are browsing online or reading emails about sales on items you didn’t know you needed or researching products and reading reviews for items you’ve been thinking about. It adds up. And once your time is gone, it’s gone. Is shopping really how you want to spend it?

When you decide you have enough, shopping changes. It’s not a hobby, it’s something done with intention and direction.

My children? They have enough, too. We’re teaching them to be grateful for what they have instead of always wanting more.

Enough is a choice, and once you make it, you’re free.

Intrigued? This book is a great place to start. Do yourself a favor and borrow it from the library!

Want to take it a step further? Think about decluttering.

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