Watching That Organizing Show on Netflix? What You Need to Know

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Raise your hand if you’ve been watching that organizing show on Netflix — Get Organized with The Home Edit. So good, right? Joanna and Clea, owners of Home Edit, have brought organization into the spotlight and I’m here for it. So let’s all run out to the and buy the bins and the labels and the baskets! Let’s arrange the contents of our pantries in rainbow order!

We need to talk, friends.

Watching that organizing show on Netflix?? Get Organized with The Home Edit Show is full of super satisfying organization, but their results aren't what most people experience when organizing.

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The Home Edit Show is wonderfully entertaining and makes for some super satisfying organization. Who can resist the bins and the rainbows? Not a professional organizer like me. BUT (and there’s always a but) the results on the show are not typical when organizing or hiring a professional organizer — and that can be really disappointing for some.

It’s a tv show, produced for entertainment, ratings, and sales. LOTS of sales. Book sales, product sales, The Container Store sales. They are making a lot of money because of this show — and they’ve earned that! It’s one thing, if it’s helpful, but I feel like the show needs to come with a disclaimer.

That home organizing show on Netflix has no budget — which makes for good tv but it's not realistic for most.
It’s okay if your pantry doesn’t look like this. (Image: The Container Store)

WARNING: Results are not typical of most home organizing projects.

If you glare into your non-rainbowed pantry, that’s lacking sparkling acrylic, if you’re angry at your clothes because of your mismatched hangers, if you’re disgusted at your junk drawer because it’s full of… junk… instead of gold-plated scissors, take a deep breath and list a few things you’re grateful for in your home and life and let’s talk.

Harsh Truths about that organizing show on Netflix.

Yes, it’s all very inspirational but…

  • The Home Edit show has an unlimited budget. Do you have an unlimited budget? Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for investing in organizing supplies when they’re necessary and improve function, but it’s important to be a smart consumer.
  • The Home Edit has a crew of people helping them. Organizing, cleaning, purging, installing shelving, and shopping for materials all take a lot of time. Pushing yourself to get it done quickly will add pressure and stress to your project and, ultimately, may cause you failing to get the job done.
  • Most average American homes are full of too much STUFF. A very important step before organizing is decluttering, when you get rid of items you no longer need or want. Skipping this step wastes time and money. This process wasn’t highlighted much on the show because it’s not super exciting, but it’s so important.
  • The systems put into place on the show aren’t necessarily systems that will work for the homeowners. Rarely were the owners involved in creating the systems, even though they’re the ones who are going to be maintaining them. That might work when you have a housekeeper to launder your clothes and put them back just so in your freshly organized closet, but it probably doesn’t work for most people.

Good News about The Home Edit

If you like that organizing show on Netflix, check out the book, too.
The Home Edit is a splendid book to look though for inspiration & motivation.

Okay, enough bad news. Let’s talk about the good stuff. I definitely, 100%, hands-down want you to purge, declutter, and get organized. The excitement that the homeowners had seeing their freshly organized spaces? That’s totally legit. Being organized is a fabulous feeling and absolutely has a positive impact on your daily life—both mentally and physically.

But it’s important to maintain realistic expectations. Organizing will take time, energy and dedication. It might also take some helpful materials, but that part comes last! Don’t go broke buying a bunch of plastic you think you need right now so you can have a tv-ready closet you can’t keep neat.

How to Edit Your Home

  • Focus on one space. Either choose a simple space to help you get a quick win or choose a space that affects you the most.
  • Create goals for your space. Who uses it? How do you want it to function? Who will maintain this space?
  • Gather inspiration with The Home Edit, The Home Edit Life, on Instagram, or Pinterest.
  • What’s your budget? Will a couple of bins be adequate or do you need to install shelving?
  • Can you install shelving yourself? If so, that’s outstanding. Go for it! But if you can’t you’ve got to get other people on board to help you and that gets more expensive and more complicated.
  • Clear your schedule and get to work sorting and purging. Donate what you can. Sell it if you have time.
  • Purchase your products— measure first and head to the store with a specific list.

Organizing isn’t always glamorous. It takes time and patience. You don’t need the bins or to hire an organizer — although both can be helpful, especially if you lack motivation and/or direction. Money can be helpful too, but not always necessary.

I love The Home Edit. Their work is incredible, and they’ve done amazing things for the organizing world—and they still are! Just remember, it’s a tv show meant to entertain and inspire.

Now, stop watching that organizing show on Netflix and go organize something in real life!!

10 thoughts on “Watching That Organizing Show on Netflix? What You Need to Know”

  1. So I have been under a rock and never heard of THE. I stumbled across them on Netflix and binges because I love anything organization. I agree with all you stated. It’s fun to watch and maybe get some basic ideas but we don’t have to do all the things and spend all the money to get organized and minimized.
    Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

  2. Thank you for your honesty and positive and kind heart. I agree!! It all can really really add up at the Container Store. I love your feed and your cute and genuine help!!

  3. I love the way The Home Edit looks, but I also like Marie Kondo’s series too. Mainly she uses what is available and the clients do most of the sorting

  4. I have used KonMari and Project 333 for several years and find that the Home Edit plan takes up a lot of time and money and adds more stuff that I don’t need, want or can afford. I appreciate your input and find your information to be much more user-friendly. That said I really enjoyed watching both KonMari and The Home Edit on Netflix because it made me realize that I’m not the only person out here that sometimes keeps too much STUFF!

  5. Great post on the Home Edit show on Netflix! It’s interesting to see how organizing is portrayed on TV vs. reality. While the show is certainly inspiring, it’s important to remember that most people don’t have unlimited budgets and crews to help. But the key takeaways about decluttering before organizing and finding systems that work for you are spot on. Thanks for the reminder that organizing is a process that takes time and effort, not just a quick fix! I would also add that loft boarding can be a great way to create additional storage space in your home, without having to declutter everything. It’s a great option for people who are short on space or who have a lot of seasonal items that they don’t need to access on a regular basis. What are your thoughts on loft boarding as a storage solution?

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