The Best Bathroom Organizing Products

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Bathrooms are often the places we spend the first and last parts of our day in. You get ready, wash your face, put on makeup, or relax in the tub here. A clean, organized bathroom will help you start your day off on the right foot. Organizing your bathroom is important because it holds so many necessary (and small!) items. 

The Top 10 Must Have Bathroom Organizing Products according to a professional organizer.
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I’ve shared step-by-step organizing posts before, but this page is a big roundup of all my favorite products.

While you can definitely be organized without buying a lot of products, sometimes they can make an enormous difference in the efficiency of your space — and we ALL need some extra space in our bathrooms, don’t we?

Just a quick note to let you know that these product links are affiliates, which means I may earn a small percentage on anything you purchase, although it doesn’t cost you any extra money. I want you to know that I never link or recommend items I don’t have personal experience with.

Favorite Bathroom Organizing Products

Below are some of my favorite bathroom organizing products. These products make the time we spend in our bathrooms—whether we are getting ready for the day or cleaning it—a little easier. 

Drawer Organizer

Want an organized bathroom drawer? These acrylic drawer organizers will get you there!

These clear, compact drawer organizers work in any room, but especially the bathroom. This set comes with twenty-five different pieces to store smaller items. Slip these into your drawers to organize makeup, jewelry, chapstick, or other cosmetics. These are so versatile! You can use as few or as many as you need. 

If that set is too much, you can also get individual bins that you can customize to fit your drawer specifically, although they are a little more expensive when purchased this way.

Remember — dedicate the most valuable real estate to the items you use the most! Need some inspiration on how to organize your drawers? Check out this how-to guide on bathroom drawer organization

Cleaning Caddy

If you want a clean bathroom, keep your cleaning products easy to access. A caddy corrals all your cleaning supplies and makes them easy to grab and go.

Cleaning caddies, like this simple and sturdy one, are great for keeping your cleaning supplies. This Casabella one is also fantastic and a little less expensive.

Keep it underneath the sink or on a shelf. A cleaning caddy helps keep your cleaning supplies hidden (no one wants to see those). But it also helps keep your supplies organized and accessible.

Be sure to always store cleaning supplies out of children’s reach! 

Storing cleaning supplies in a caddy also makes your cleaning supplies portable. A carrying caddy with a sturdy handle means you can take your supplies anywhere. This is especially necessary when you have multiple bathrooms. By storing all of your cleaning supplies in one location, you can move what you need wherever and whenever you need it!

Stacking Drawers

Stacking drawers are must have bathroom organization product since they use the vertical space in a cabinet so effectively.

Stacking drawers, such as these plastic, stacking, 8 quart ones, can transform a bathroom cabient from one big box to a place where every inch of vertical space is used well. You can use these drawers to store medical supplies, beauty products, extra linens/towels, or even kids’ bath toys. Their front is clear, which makes labeling them super easy. 

They’re super customizable — stack as many or as few as you need to take advantage of your open cabinet space.

Another similar but different stackable-bin option is the Our Shoe Box from the Container Store or any other similar bin with a lid (although the drawer makes maintaining systems a lot easier). These are a great choice for storing things in your bathroom.

Small Organizer

A caddy is a great Bathroom Organizing Product for makeup or hair products.

These clear acrylic organizers are versatile and visually appealing. They are perfect for children’s hair supplies, make-up, or toiletries. Caddies make it simple to grab the whole group of items you need when you need it and then tuck it away when you’re done.


Bins are one of my favorite bathroom organizing products. Designate one for each category.

Speaking of bins, these simple yet-sturdy white plastic storage bins are always my favorite. These are the unsung heroes of organizing bathroom products. Durable and high quality, you can use them anywhere. Try using them in a cabinet, on a shelf, on the counter, or even in the tub or shower!

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Small Garbage Can

Something definitely not glamorous, but needed in a bathroom? A trashcan. Here is my favorite. It comes in a handful of fun colors and is on the smaller side. Because of how narrow it is, this would be easy to fit somewhere subtly in your bathroom.

Don't forget a trash can when you're organizing your bathroom!

We keep ours tucked inside the cabinet so there’s less visual clutter!

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Over the Door Hooks

Over the door hooks are a great addition to any bathroom. Hang towels, robes, or sweatshirts for easy grabbing.

Over-the-door hooks can really maximize a smaller space. Use them for hanging robes, towels, or thicker sweatshirts. I prefer one solid hook to multiple single ones. These are a great option! This one is clean-looking, simple, and sturdy. An over-the-door hook helps keep things off of the floor, but still within reach. 

This is also perfect for rentals — no holes in the doors or walls!

Hook Rail

Who really uses those towel rods? Not kids, that's for sure. Take out the towel rod and add in a hook rack to get your kids hanging their towels up independently!

Like an over-the-door hook, a hook rail is a great solution for bathrooms. These are a product that can be both pretty and functional. Try using them in place of a towel bar, especially if you have children. It gives kids a designated spot for their towels and makes it easier for them to hang up.

Any time you give children responsibility, even simply hanging up their own towel, you empower them!

Nail Polish Riser

Nail Polish - Bathroom Organization

Do you have nail polish thrown somewhere in a box? Maybe it’s shoved in a closet or under the sink? Why hide your nail polish when you can use them as a display? Enter this multi-level nail polish riser.

This is my favorite solution for organizing medium-sized nail polish collections since it puts it on display. Now you can easily see, store, and organize your colors. No more digging through boxes or drawers looking for your favorite color!

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Lidded Acrylic Bins

These acrylic lidded bins are great for stacking in small spaces. Fill them with whatever you need handy and use that vertical space!

Do you have a smaller powder room with minimal drawers or shelving? These little acrylic bins with lids offer the best solution for storing and organizing small items. You can even stack them. They’re perfect for hair accessories, lipstick, or other makeup. Because they have clear sides, labeling them is a breeze!

Love the labels? Grab them here!

Bathroom Organization

Admittedly, the bathroom isn’t the most glamorous room in your house. But it still needs to be efficient and organized! Hopefully, these products can help you do just that. 

Did I miss any you use and love? Let me know below in the comments!

Cluttered bathroom got you down? As a professional organizer, I have some opinions. Here are my top 10 bathroom organization products to take your space from cluttered to calm!

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