Toy Rotation, Made Easy

You probably know having fewer toys is actually better for your children and it’s helpful for moms. But purging toys is easier said than done.

Sometimes you have really worthwhile toys that you’d like to keep, but you also know they're just too much. That’s where toy rotation can be helpful.

-Matching storage containers -Toy storage shelf -Labeling supplies -Empty closet, shelf, or corner of the basement

Here’s what you’ll need:

The ease you’ll experience in setting up a toy rotation system will vary based on how many toys (and kids) you currently have, as well as the state of your toys.

How Do I Complete The Rotation?

Put each set of toys into a container. Have kids help; mine love this part. Label the container with words or pictures if your kids can’t read.

Step 1: Contain & Label Toys

After the toys are sorted and the bins are labeled, line all the bins up in the middle of the floor. Let your children pick about one-third  of the bins to keep out to play with.

Step 2: Pick What Stays Out

Consider creating a schedule for rotating your toys, especially at first. Once a week, every other week, or once per month are all great options.

Step 3: Create a Toy Rotation Schedule (or don’t)

-Fighting over toys -Not cleaning up when asked -Boredom

Signs its Time to Rotate Toys

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