Teaching Kids Laundry by Age

Laundry is a never-ending job. There’s literally always more to do. Usually the brunt of the laundry falls to the parents — but why should it? Your kids wear clothing, they can help wash it.

Plus, they’ll have to learn sometime, so you might as well start them young and lessen your load a bit. Teaching kids laundry skills early will help them in the long run!

This is such a simple activity, but it’s perfect for two-year-olds in so many ways. Matching socks build cognitive skills and reinforces color knowledge. 

Age 2: Matching Socks

Kids this age can fold napkins and washcloths. Teach them how to lay each item out flat and fold it in half, and in half again.

Age 3-4: Simple Folding

By this age, your children should be familiar with the concept of putting clothing in drawers.

Age 5: Putting Kids Laundry Away

Hangers can be tricky, ya’ll. Around age 6, kids are usually coordinated enough to get their clothing hung on hangers and put in the correct spot in the closet.

Age 6: Hanging Up

I prefer to start with towels and let them complete the load start to finish. Folding a load of towels is a lot more straightforward than folding a load of clothing.

Age 7: Washing Towels

Sit with them the first few times and guide them into pulling items out and folding them simply. Now’s not the time to teach file folding strategies or anything complex.

Age 8-10: Washing Clothes

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