Spice Drawer with DIY Insert

Every day, after dropping my kids off at school, I usually have a routine of responding to clients, cutting custom label orders for my Etsy shop, and writing.

One day, I just didn’t feel like it. Instead, I felt like organizing. I started with a few drawers in my kitchen that had been bothering me for a while.

By far the most challenging aspect of any home project I tackle is communicating what I’d like to my handyman, aka my husband, and convincing him to get on board.

Step 1: Share Your Vision

I measured everything. My drawer was 21 inches deep. I wanted to use about half the width of the drawer, which was 10.75 inches, and my spice jars were 4 inches tall and 1.75 inches wide.

Step 2: Measure Twice, Cut Once A Few Times

We cut the wood to the exact dimensions, making sure we extended the first row a bit, and then used wood glue to secure each base piece to the top piece.

Step 3: Glue the Pieces Together

Since there were a few marks from the sawing, I quickly painted the tiers white.

Step 4: Paint the Spice Drawer Inserts

Finally, it was time to install the drawer inserts. They fit perfectly, but there was some room at the back of the drawer which allowed the inserts to shift a bit.

Step 5: Install Inserts & Arrange the Spices

We cut a 2.25” spacer and placed in the back of the drawer to keep the trays from shifting. I put my spices in the drawer (organized in alphabetical order, because why not?).

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