Simple Chore Chart for Kids

Chores are such a necessary evil, aren’t they? As adults, we know we have to do them to keep our home clean and running smoothly.

As parents, we know we need to pass chores onto our kids, even if it’s a lot to keep track of. We got you—this chore chart for kids  (free printable) will help.

It wouldn’t be fair to ask a three-year-old to fold a full load of laundry when first introducing a chore.

Select Chores for Age & Ability

Provide verbal instructions and physical demonstrations. Allow them to practice the task while you oversee it.

Demonstrate Chores for Age & Ability

Do not expect perfection from your children. Effort? Yes. Perfection? No. If the pile of towels is a little crooked, let it go.

Manage Your Expectations

Using chore charts can be a handy tool for allowing your children to have more responsibility and reducing some of your mental load.

Using a Chore Chart for Kids

Whether you decide to pay your children for helping around the house is up to you. Many parents have strong feelings on this topic and there’s really no right answer.

Paying Kids for Chores

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