Set Up A Learning Space At Home

Instead of traditional school supplies, many parents are finding themselves shopping for desks and computers this school year instead.

With eLearning happening in states across the country, it’s no surprise that parents are looking to make more permanent home work centers for their little learners. 

 There’s nothing more distracting or annoying than not having enough space to get your work done. Make sure there’s enough surface to work. Tiny desks may seem appealing, but they can be a nuisance.

Work Space

Get a pretty light to spruce up your décor, or a hard-working light that serves multiple purposes, like this one that’s also a penholder and phone charger.

Ample Lighting

I’m not suggesting you purchase a $300 ergonomic rolling chair for your kiddo, but at least toss a cushion on their chair so their little tushies don’t get tired.

Comfortable Seating

If you’re not going all out and making a dedicated homework station, homework caddies for supplies work just as well.

Supplies Close at Hand

Some kind of bin or basket for papers is key—try to store them vertically so you can fan through them. AVOID PILES.

Paper/Book Storage

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