Organizing School Supplies

Our usual Back to School preparations involve haircuts and shopping for school supplies — but it’s also important to have a space to do homework fully stocked with supplies.

Keeping school supplies organized for home learning is essential.

With three kids, we needed a combination of community storage for shared supplies and personal storage for school supplies.

Evaluate Your Needs

When organizing school supplies, you’ll want to start big and get smaller. For this project, I started large and worked down to small.

Storage Solutions for Organizing School Supplies

Cube shelves are one of my favorite ways to add additional storage to any space and our homework station space was no exception.

Adding Storage for Organizing School Supplies

A combination of two small bins and one medium bin fit perfectly inside each cube and worked well for our supplies.

Bins for Organizing School Supplies

For easy access and a fun pop of color, construction paper got sorted into a vertical paper sorter. Keeping it vertical allows kids to grab what they want without toppling the pile or digging through a basket.

Paper Sorters for Paper

Simple mason jars we already had held most of our writing utensils. Pencils, colored pencils, and skinny markers are in taller jars. Shorter mason jars hold glue sticks and children’s scissors. 

Organizing the Small Supplies

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