The Best Way to Organize School Papers

Whether they’ll be in school physically this year or not, odds are you’ll have some school papers, artwork, achievements, and other memorabilia you’d like to save for them to commemorate this time.

But how do you do that in an organized, orderly fashion without leaving piles of school papers all over the place? Make a memory box!

To make a memory box for storing school papers, all you need is a large filing box and file folders.

Memory Box Supplies

Write on the tabs with a fine sharpie or use a label maker for a consistent look. Regardless of how you label your folders, label them all now.

Label the Memory Box

Consider what’s worth keeping and what you can recycle. Hanging on to too much is never a good idea. Create rules for yourself and stick to them.

Be Picky about School Papers to Keep

If your kiddo is still young, you’re now set up for her entire childhood. If your child is older and you’ve already got piles around the house, purge first, then file.

File School Papers in the Memory Box

Now you’ve got a memory box (or several) that will serve your children for their entire school careers.

A Memory Box for School Papers

Best of all, it’s all in one spot, making it easy to look through when you want to reminisce and easy to pass on when your kiddo has a home of his or her own.

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