Got Paper Clutter? Mail Organization Ideas!

When you organize or declutter your home, you often think of bigger-picture items first—outgrown clothing, children’s toys that are no longer played with, or other items you don’t use daily that take up space.

But have you considered mail to be clutter? Here are some mail organization ideas to help you declutter what you don’t need and find what you do!

In this story, you will learn how to get rid of the mail clutter, how to stop it at the door, why it’s important to create a vertical storage system!

Mail is Clutter Too!

Since most of your mail comes from different sources, you may have to unsubscribe in a few places. Stop junk mail by checking out this post and following the various links. Get your name off that list!


The best way to keep clutter out of your home is to adopt the mindset of what needs to enter it. If it doesn’t need to come into your home, discard it at the door. 

Stop the Clutter Before it Enters the House

You can use a file holder attached to the wall, a magnetic file on your fridge, a magazine file, or a small file holder in a corner — the way you do it doesn’t matter!

Create a Short-Term Paper Storage System for Mail Organization

By creating a routine such as “Sunday Sorting,” you already know when and what you will do to help decrease mail clutter. This gives you a specific time to tackle papers you saved for later.

Create a Mail Organization Routine

This process reduces the space your discarded mail takes up in both the environment and your recycling can. It can also protect you from fraud or identity theft.

Protect Your Identity by Investing in a Shredder

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