Kids’ Art Supply Storage & Organization

Tell me it’s not just my house arts and crafts supplies are literally everywhere. On the counter, on the floor, and even wrapped around my lamps, for goodness’ sake. 

I like when my kids are creative, but I also need to clean it up quickly and simply. After trying a few methods throughout the years, we finally found a kids’ art supply storage solution that works.

This is helpful because it will help you see just how much you have. Look for items that you’ve got too much of or that your children don’t enjoy using.

Gather and Sort Art Supplies

After you’ve got the items sorted into piles, you can start to evaluate what you have and purge the supplies that are no longer loved, useful, or needed.

Purge Extra Supplies

We keep basic supplies like crayons, markers, papers, and coloring books out so children can use them any time without parent supervision.

How Accessible Will Art Supplies Be?

Multiple little bins were a better kids’ art supply storage solution for us. We put this organization system into place a few years ago and it’s worked perfectly.

Evaluate Your Storage Space

The best kids’ art supply storage solution I’ve found one is a set of small matching bins — about the size of a shoe box — filled with each supply.

Our Solution for Kids’ Art Supply Storage

Our Shoe Boxes from The Container Store were a perfect solution. Each clear plastic bin is 7.5″ wide, 13″ deep, and 4.25″ tall and has a lid, which allows them to be stacked.

“Our Shoe Boxes”

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