Kids and Chores: It’s a Hard Knock Life

Involving your kids in household chores from a young age lets them know just how much time and effort go into taking care of a house, which is essential if you want them to respect your home and your space.

Kids as young as 2 can chip in around the house, as long as adults keep their expectations reasonable. Even small chores help foster independence and gratitude.

-Have higher self-esteem -Be more responsible -Deal with frustration better -Face adversity more successfully -Be able to better delay gratification

Benefits of Kids Doing Chores

Keep Chores Age-appropriate Expecting a 2-year-old to fold a load of laundry wouldn’t be appropriate, but a 2-year-old can match socks and put them in a sock drawer.

Help Kids Succeed at Chores

-Demonstrate the chore for them -Talk out the steps one by one -Explain why the steps are important

Guide Their Learning

Folding a pile of napkins might not be a big deal for you, but for kids doing it for the first time might be. Let them take pride in their work.

Celebrate Their Chore Success

Ages 2-3 -Help put toys away -Help feed pets -Match socks -Fold washcloths or cloth napkins -Help sort silverware

Chores by Age

Ages 4-5 -Help set the table, start with silverware, and napkins -Help clear the table -Dust window sills -Water plants -Stock bathrooms with toilet paper

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