How to Stop Being Overwhelmed by Laundry

There are people that don’t have piles of laundry around the house, baskets full of clothes waiting to go into the wash, or clothes in the dryer waiting for days to be folded.

Mountains of laundry don’t have to be the story of your life. There are a few aspects of doing laundry that need to work together, and once they do, you’ll stop being overwhelmed by laundry.

When you have 24 pairs of pants, and assuming you wear each pair once before washing, you can go at least 24 days (more than 3 weeks) without doing laundry.

How Many Clothes Do You Have?

Drastically reducing the items of clothing you own and wear will force you to keep up with doing laundry and will stop the overwhelm you may feel. 

Solution: Let Go Of Some Clothing

Waiting until you’re out of clothing, until your dirty clothes are a literal mountain, or until you’re digging dirty pants out of the hamper IS NOT AN ACCEPTABLE ROUTINE.

What Kind Of Routine Do You Have?

Try out a few different methods and see if you can find a routine that works for you. The two most common routines are Load a Day or Laundry Day. 

Solution: Create A Routine

When you walk into a messy room and see other tasks that need to get done, it’s hard to maintain your focus and motivation to do the laundry, and it’s MUCH easier to get overwhelmed.

What Kind Of Space Do You Have?

Before doing another load of laundry, invest some time in caring for your space. Clear off the top of your machines, tidy up the cabinets, run a tub clean cycle, vacuum the floor. 

Solution: Get Organized

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