Hidden Charging Station for Families

I don’t know about your home, but suddenly we have a lot of screens. With those screens, as you know, comes a lot of cords and chargers. 

Literally and figuratively, it’s all quite ugly. And that’s why I was inspired to create a hidden charging station!

The Bookshelf It fits perfectly in this corner of our living room that was otherwise unused. It houses our library books, a couple of games, magazines, and our movie candy.

Hidden Charging Station: The Materials

As luck would have it, those Large Hyacinth Baskets from The Container Store that used to live in my pantry were a perfect fit for the bookshelf!

The Baskets

My husband purchased a charging station (the exact one we have is no longer available, but this one is very close), and we placed it on an empty shelf. It was convenient but an eye sore.

The Charging Station

When I assembled the bookcase, I had to nail the backing onto the sturdy structure. 

Hidden Charging Station: The Process

Now, I detached the charging station from its cord, plugged the cord into the wall, pushed the bookshelf backing out from the shelf, and slipped the narrow end of the cord through the space.

After pulling several feet of cord through, I fed the cord through the handle of the Hyacinth Basket, then plugged it back into the charging station base. I settled the base into the basket and pushed the whole thing back onto the shelf.

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