Family Schedule Board: Make Your Own

If you’ve got kids, it can sometimes feel like you’re always on the run and keeping track of it all can feel like a full-time job.

To help stay organized, I made a family schedule board to display in the mudroom.

White board Washi tape Wet erase marker Ruler/Yardstick Vinyl letters


Decide how many rows and columns you need on your board. Remember, you’ll need an extra one of each for the titles.

Think it Out

Use a measuring tape or the yardstick to measure the length and width of your board. Divide the length by the number of columns you’d like. Divide the width by the number of rows you need.

Measure it Out

Using a wet or dry erase marker and the yardstick (a measuring tape will work, but the firmness of the yardstick is helpful), make a mark towards the top of your board at every interval you decided on above.

Map it Out

Using a large piece of washi tape, connect the two marks you made. Be sure the washi tape runs all the way to the edge of your board.

Create Columns

Follow the same procedure you used to create columns, but this time measure the intervals towards the left and right sides of your whiteboard.

Map it Out Again

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