Family Command Center

I’m a small business owner and writer. I have a husband who has a full-time job, for which he sometimes travels, and his own activities.

I haven’t even mentioned our three animals, household bills, maintenance and friend and family events. How do I manage it all? My Family Command Center, of course.

A family command center is an assigned space for your family calendar, papers, and important information. For me, it’s my brain outside my body.

What Is A Command Center?

It can be a countertop, a kitchen cabinet, a desk area, or a small section of wall where you keep all the things. It doesn’t have to be big or fancy, but it has to be functional.

Where Should I Put One?

A Calendar or Planner This is where you will write your family’s schedule — all their comings, and goings, events, and special occasions.

What Should It Include?

Paper Storage Depending on the size of your family and the size of your command center, you may want a few paper baskets. You could have one for each child.

A Place for Pens Have pens in a drawer under your counter, or hang a cup on the wall or side of your fridge, it’s essential to have a pen handy when you’re jotting down notes or writing something on the calendar.

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