Homework Station: DIY Tutorial

It was that time again. The nights were getting cooler. Flyers were advertising fresh pencils and pens. Letters from teachers were arriving in the mail. It was time to go back to school, and mom had plans.

Plans that involved upgrading the playroom from a place filled with toys and primary colors to a place that would allow focus, learning, and productivity. I wanted a Homework Station.

Karlby Counter Metal Legs Wall Color


Ledger Board The first thing installed was a 2″x2″ ledger board that was 5 feet long onto the wall. 

Homework Station Installation

To install the 4 legs, we flipped the Karlby counter upside down. We measured carefully, installing two legs on either end, then two evenly spaced in the middle.

Installing the Legs

We flipped the countertop with the legs attached back over and centered it on the wall about the ledger board. We got 2.5-inch screws — this was important.

Mounting the Homework Station

Paper Storage I decided on wire wall-mounted baskets for the storage. I purchased one for each child and mounted them directly in front of their space.

Homework Station Organization

I then selected black metal grid boards for displaying children’s artwork. The clips seemed safer than tacks, and the black grid contrasts nicely with the wall color.

Art Display

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