Coat Closet Organization

What’s in your coat closet? Aside from the obvious (coats!), there’s probably a lot. Coat closets are one of those places that collect household items that may not have other obvious homes.

No two coat closets match, and that’s to be expected. But regardless of what you keep in there, there are certain tips and tricks to help you maximize and organize your space.

As with any organizing job, it’s always beneficial to empty the space fully before you attempt to organize it. Emptying the space allows you to evaluate the space and the STUFF.

Step 1: Empty the Closet

Coats Look through your coats and find a few to get rid of. I’m sure there are some in there that you haven’t worn for a while and probably won’t be sad to let go of.

Step 2: Purge & Sort

While your closet is empty, it is a great time to evaluate your space. Is it being used as efficiently as possible?

Step 3: Look For Options To Maximize Your Space

Some items will need to be hung, some will be better in bins, and others will just need to be placed with intention.

Step 4: Contain, Hang, and Place

Labels help you know what’s in a basket quickly and simply. They also serve as a reminder of where things should go when you’re done using them.

Step 5: Label (optional)

I purchased matching hyacinth bins and bin clips for the shelves. I could only fit five, so while it was a bit of a splurge, it was still affordable and it looks great in this space.

My Organized Coat Closet

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