DIY Simple Backpack Station

If you’ve got kids in school, you’ve probably also got backpacks. My three children’s backpacks usually end up in the middle of the kitchen floor, their contents spilling out.

If I don’t kick them out of the way quick enough, I will trip over them. My solution? A simple backpack station.

1×3 board of wood hooks  screws spackle & sand paper (optional) paint (optional) caulk (optional)


The back wall of our mudroom is 36″ wide. Our 1×3 was 8 feet long. We cut one board down into two 36″ pieces.

Bookbag Station Installation

To determine the heights to hang the 1x3s, I grabbed the backpacks and tested out a few options. I wanted the first board to hold the backpacks off the floor so it would be easy to clean the floor, but I didn’t want them too high.

After finding studs in the walls, we installed the lower board at a height of 29″ using two screws.

To determine where I wanted to hang our higher board, I again tried it out with the backpacks. I held a backpack up to where I thought I wanted the hooks to make sure.

Maintaining a few inches between the top of the bottom backpack and the bottom of the top backpack, we screwed the second board into the wall.

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