Packing School Lunches: A Simple System

We’re heading back to school from a summer, plus the covid closure, and while we’ve missed a lot of things during our extended time at home, one thing we definitely haven’t missed is packing lunches.

It’s one of those things we all dread, but they’re less expensive and healthier than school lunch options, so packing it is.

- It fosters independence and responsibility, but in a controlled way. - Finally, they don’t get to complain to me if they don’t like their lunch.

How to Love Packing Lunches

I labeled the bins, “dairy,” “fruits,” and “veggies,” and then fill them accordingly. I put items like cut up cheese and yogurt tubes in the dairy bin. 

Set Up the Bins

I buy easily packed items for these bins and that will stay fresh throughout the week—cut up strawberries don’t last forever, but luckily if I add them to the bins they get snatched up quickly.

Shop for the Food

I wash everything, then cut and package it up if needed. I’m a fan of reusable bags such as Bumpkins or Russbe.

Fill the Bins

I also sometimes use small Tupperware containers or tin foil—which my kids bring home to recycle.

They grab a pre-packaged treat like a piece of candy or fruit snacks and that’s it. They zip their bags up and shove them into the fridge for the night.

Our Packing Lunch System in Action

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