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It’s no fun to be stuck somewhere with a massive headache… or a case of tummy trouble, but it’s hard to be prepared for every medical scenario. Recently I stumbled upon a travel pill organizer that’s got me very excited! I grabbed a few so I could have one for my car and one for work. Keep reading about how I organized my mobile medicine cabinet and other uses of this nifty little case!

If you've ever scrounged around for medicine when you're away from home, a travel pill organizer may be just what you need!
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Why A Travel Pill Organizer?

Pill organizers aren’t just for the octogenarians anymore! Whether you want to be prepared for any kind of body situation or you’ve got a variety of supplements you take, a travel medicine organizer can be quite handy. It’s just not practical to carry around a whole medicine cabinet.

Carrying a medicine cabinet around with you just isn't plausible.
Bathroom Closet Organization

Regardless of how you spend your day, it’s hard to function if you’ve got a stomachache, a headache, or you forgot to take your allergy meds that morning. Carrying all those medicine packages is both inconvenient and costly..

Having a small assortment of medicines you use regularly is convenient. Which medicines you decide to include may vary based on the person or the time of year.

The Pill Organizer

I purchased these small medicine organizers. They are about the size of a deck of cards and open with a small latch. Once you open the box, you will find eight little compartments inside.

This on-the-go pill organizer is my new favorite thing ever.

Inside the medicine organizer, you’ll find two larger sections and six smaller sections. Each section has a translucent door opens with its own little raised notch.

This pill organizer is about the size of a deck of cards and has 8 comparments inside.

The travel medicine boxes have stickers and a triangle-shaped pick for labeling and opening compartments. The guitar pick helps popping the compartments open if dexterity is an issue. I could open each pill section with my fingernails.

The medicine organizers also have a latch that keeps the organizer shut nicely.

Since I have two of these medicine organizers, I decided I would fill them both up. I will keep one at work and one in my car. If we’re going on a day trip, I can toss the organizer from my car into my purse or my backpack.

Adding Medicines to the Organizer

Now it was time to stock up the organizer.

First, I went through my medicine cabinet and grabbed some of my most used bottles of medicines or things that would be the most portable and useful to have on the go.

I gathered up all the medicine that may be needed on the go and put a few doses of each inside the compartments.

Medicines Added

Here’s what I gathered for my medicine organizer:

  • Sinus Medicine (Tylenol)
  • Chewable Gas Medicine
  • Ibuprophen
  • Migraine Medicine (Excedrin)
  • Allergy Medicine (Claritin)
  • Anti-diarrhea (Imodium)
  • Acetametophin
  • A prescription for a family member

Sometimes I purchase name brand medicines, sometimes I purchase generic.

Stocking the Mobile Medicine Cabinet

I went compartment by compartment filling each one with a few doses of each medicine. Since the cold medicine was in a self-contained wrapper, I kept it wrapped and added it with the packaging.

This pill organizer is stocked and labeled with everything we might need when we're out and not feeling well.

I added three pills of the allergy medicine and the prescription. Those are mostly if we forget to take the pills in the morning before heading out for the day, so they’re proactive medicines rather than reactive.

Labeling the Pill Organizer

Once each container within the pill organizer was stocked with the medicines I had chosen, I got out my trusty label maker and started making custom labels for each compartment.

I could have used the stickers that were provided with the medicine organizer, but I wanted a more consistent and low-key look. I also wanted to identify the medicines at a glance through the translucent doors.

I selected clear tape with white writing and printed labels out. Clear labels with black writing would have also looked great.

I applied the labels onto each of the doors in a straight row.

My pill organizer was finished, and it looked fantastic. More importantly, it’s functional and ready to help my family and me should we not feel well.

Other Uses for Travel Medicine Organizers

Of course, I documented this process on Instagram. So many followers loved this idea, but they also had OTHER great ideas for how they could use this travel medicine organizer. It could also be used for storing supplements.

One follower told me they purchased four and were going to use them to store their jewelry when traveling. When using these containers for jewelry, small earrings could go in the small compartments while bracelets, necklaces, or larger earrings could go in the larger ones.

These pill organizers can be used for jewelry or supplements. They're also great for college students!

Many people grabbed them for their college-aged children, as well! Having this type of travel pill organizer in a college dorm instead of dozens of bottles of medicines could be a great way to reduce clutter!

Travel Pill Organizer

I can easily toss these little organizers into a purse, backpack, travel toiletry bag, center console, or desk drawer. They take up almost no space but can really make a difference in how you function on a rough day.

All in all, travel medicine organizers can save you time, money, and help you avoid a literal headache. I’m so glad I bought two and can always have one near me!

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If you've ever scrounged around for medicine when you're away from home, a travel pill organizer may be just what you need!

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