The Best Office Organizers

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Over the last few years, our offices have taken on quite a few different functions. Whether you use your office for working, managing the home, crafting, ongoing projects, or all of the above—it has to work for you. And to be a useful space, it needs to be accessible, functional, and organized. An organized office isn’t too much to ask… right? Unfortunately, this space can sometimes become a catch-all for junk, clutter, or discarded projects. Let’s chat about the best office organizers to help your space function!

The best products to help you organize your office! Our favorite office organizers!
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Office Organization Leads to Productivity

You know those days when you’re sitting at your desk but you just can’t get anything done? Your head is in 10 different places, your to do list is endless and you just can’t focus. Maybe you need to stop working and start cleaning.

It’s hard to be productive and focus on the task at hand when you have a cluttered desk. A cluttered desk equals a cluttered mind. Get rid of what you don’t need, minimize the knickknacks and grab a few office organizers to maximize the functionality of your space.

My Favorite Office Organizers

Here are some organizers I recommend for almost any office.


Topping my list? A shredder so you can GET RID OF PAPERS.

In the organizing mail post, we talked about the importance and safety of investing in a shredder. This is a relatively affordable, but extremely necessary, product to have in your office. A shredder, like this one, can help keep your important documents – and the information they contain – from getting into the wrong hands.  

A shredder is a great first step for office organization -- get rid of it allllll!

Plus, shredding stuff is super satisfying.

Magazine Files

A magazine file like this one allows for easy storage for papers, books, or files. This can be a great way to store things vertically, rather than horizontally. You can add as many or as few of these to your office to help contain and organize. 

Magazine files are fantastic office organizers because they don't let you make piles!

You can even use them in combination with three-tier carts.  

Three-Tier Cart

Three tiered carts are great for adding some extra office space!

Speaking of three-tier carts, these are so multi-functional in an office – especially if your desk doesn’t have much storage space or drawers! These carts are a portable and functional option for containing anything you need. Which do you prefer – the standard, sleek black or a bright, pop of color? You can also implement some organizing systems to this cart for smaller items. Try adding these small cups for pens, markers, scissors, etc. 

Printer Cart

Another cart option is a printer cart. Like the three-tier cart, it’s a portable and customizable option for organizing things in your office. They are perfect for saving desk space. A printer cart is a great solution for storing a Cricut or Silhouette machine. 

Another fantastic office organizer is a cart with shelves for printers and cutting machines!
Carts allow you to have portable, vertical organization!

Vertical Desk Organizer

File, don’t pile! Vertical storage is a good solution for papers piling up. A vertical desk organizer is great for notebooks and pads of paper. Try using this one in your office – it’s sleek, simple, and most of all, helpful for holding mail, papers, files, etc.

File, don't pile! This vertical organizer is great for avoiding those piles.

Bulletin Board

Bulletin boards aren’t just for classrooms! A thick, sturdy bulletin board can help keep your office, and the way you use it, more efficient. You can pin smaller papers or separate them into columns and categories to organize the tasks you need to get done. Check out these corkboard tiles. Something like this gives you the option for a bulletin board in a smaller area. They have removable backing and are ½” thick. Get creative by cutting or customizing the amount you need for your space. 

Every office is going to need different office organizers. Assess your problem areas and then try and think of a product that may help solve your problem.

Baskets and Bins

I’ll never turn down a good basket or bin with organizing! 

These Hyacinth storage baskets with handles are especially helpful if you don’t have many drawers. You can stand folders vertically in them with dividers and labels. Or you can also use them as a catch-all to hold smaller items or supplies.

No drawers? No problem. These baskets act as drawers and hold everything you need, just make sure there are vertical dividers in there!

A different bin you can use to organize your office is, of course, my favorite white plastic storage bin with handles. These are fabulous clean-looking, durable bins. They also are extremely practical in an office setting because they slide in and out of a shelf. 

Step up your organizing with a label to make your supplies and files way easier to find. Bin clips and my custom labels can elevate your bins. Pair the clips with the labels for a uniform and fun design. No more wasting time pulling out the wrong bins when you’re looking for something quick! You’ll know right where everything is so you can work more efficiently.

Drawer Dividers 

You can use drawer dividers in any room, but they are extra useful in offices! The best ones give allow flexibility – look for ones that come in a variety of options and sizes. Here are some great clear drawer dividers to help maximize your space. These can take your desk drawers from cluttered and chaotic to streamlined and functional. 

If your office has drawers, you're going to want to get some drawer organizers!

Anything to help us tame the clutter and be more productive, right? 

Calendar or Planner

What’s an office without a planner or calendar? Some people choose a more digital option, but I can’t live without my pen-and-paper approach. A wall calendar or planner is an easy way to customize a necessary (but not always exciting) necessity and make it fun. Having a way to schedule things in your life or work doesn’t have to be boring! It also doesn’t have to be the ‌same method as someone else uses. Find what works for you!

Here’s an idea for a large print office calendar. Its minimal, simple design allows room for notes, monthly appointments, or to-dos. And its large print makes it easy to glance at the calendar for the date or to find an upcoming appointment. 

Every office needs a calendar to keep you organized!

Here’s more about the planner I use regularly and love. Did I mention I am in a committed relationship with the ol’ fashion pen-and-paper approach? I am happy to have found a planner that works well for me. It’s important to find one that works for you, too. Hopefully, my ideas help you narrow down what’s important in your quest for The Perfect Planner!

A planner is another great tool for office organization.

Pen Holder

Speaking of pens, are you particular about your pen-holders? I’m not, but I do have a favorite – the mug my son gave me I didn’t love to drink out of but still want to use. Using something like a mug or jar is a way to reuse an object that may not work somewhere else in your home, and give it a new job! But if you don’t have one of those lying around, check out this basic pen holder.

Simplest is best when it comes to office organizers! This mug (that was uncomfortable to hold and awkward to drink out of) makes a fantastic pen holder!

Want to know more about how I use planners, calendars, and the way they both work for me and my family? Check out my post on Family Calendar Must-Haves. Do you have certain criteria for how you use a family calendar system or an office calendar? I would love to hear about it! 

Organize Your Office

As always, declutter and clean BEFORE purchasing any organizers — who knows if you’ll even need them by the time you’re finished? Plus, spaces are always easier to maintain when there’s less in them!

Different people have different ways to do things in order to get things done. Productivity means something different for everyone. Hopefully, the products, tools, and systems I mentioned in this post helped you take a step in the right direction to organize your productive space.

Did I miss something you swear by to help keep your office more organized? Let me know in the comments below!

Are you struggling to be productive in your messy office? Try using these office organizers to tidy your office and increase productivity!

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