Stocking Stuffers for Organized People

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Christmas is almost here! I don’t know about you, but stocking stuffers are always one of the last items on my to-do list. A few weeks ago, I shared a list of gifts for organized people, and today you’re getting the sequel to that — Stocking Stuffers for Organized People!

Post-it Notes

Post-it notes are one of my all-time favorite products. They don’t take up much space and they’re so incredibly useful. I love them so much, I’d probably enjoy an entire stocking full of just post-its. When you’re grabbing some as a gift, aim for a variety of sizes and colors. Grab some full-stick post it’s and tab/flag style ones, as well!

Post It Notes are perfect Stocking Stuffers for Organized People


To most people, pens in a stocking might feel a bit… lame. But people who enjoy organizing usually also enjoy good quality office supplies. When I say pens, I’m not telling you to grab a 12 pack of Bics, I’m encouraging you to go a bit upscale. Some of my favorites are Sharpie Gel Pens and Pilot G-2s (.7mm if we’re getting specific). Both brands of pens write like a dream and come in a variety of colors. The Pilots can be a bit smeary (lefties beware), but come in more color options and have refills!


As with the pens, markers are exciting to the organizational-minded. Aim for a nice quality marker such as Sharpie. Grab a multipack of ultra-fine tip so you’ll have all the bases covered. I don’t think there’s a person on Earth who doesn’t love a fresh sharpie.

Sharpies are the best stocking stuffers for organized people

Love the organizer pictured here? It probably won’t fit in a stocking, but I’m sure your organized friend would love it! Grab it here.

Chalkboard Tape

Add a roll of chalkboard tape and a white sharpie paint pen to any organizer's stocking!

A roll of chalkboard tape is one of those items people don’t know they need until they have it, and then they use it for everything! This tape is perfect for labeling everything imaginable. It looks great while in use and pulls off cleanly. Go for Scotch Chalkboard Tape (don’t bother with other brands) and don’t forget to grab some Sharpie Paint Pens — silver, white, and gold look especially good on chalkboard tape!

Museum Gel

Museum Gel isn’t a well-known product, but when you need it, it’s good to have on hand! It’s a jelly goo that you ball up and stick under a bin or drawer organizer to hold the organizer in place. It’s great to USE in a junk drawer and KEEP in a junk drawer.

Museum Gel makes a great stocking stuffer for people who love to organize!

Command Hooks

While they may not be as exciting as a fresh pack of sharpies, organized people definitely have a soft spot for command hooks. And if they don’t yet, they soon will. Command hooks turn any wall into vertical storage and come off cleanly when you change your mind. They’re perfect for masks, grill utensils, towels, hair ties, loofahs, keys, hats, decor… anything goes. Grab a variety pack and you’re ready for anything.

Command hooks in a stocking? Yes, please. They're perfect for people who love to organize.

Magnetic Notepads

Organized people tend to love lists and hate clutter. Luckily magnetic notepads let you write all the lists and keep your counters clutter-free since they stick onto the fridge, or even the back door. Grocery lists, to do lists, meal plans, you name it, they’ll write it!

Label Maker Tape

If your loved one who loves organizing already has a label maker, grab them some extra tape — you can never have too much! Check the brand and model number of the label maker before purchasing — different label makers use different tape. Go crazy and purchase a few color options like clear with white writing, clear with black writing, and gold!

*Sorry, no link here for you because it will depend on your make and model*

OXO Electronics Brush

Oxo Brushes in the stocking? Yes! They make great stocking stuffers for people who love to organize

If your favorite organizer also likes their space to be clean, stick one of these OXO electronics brushes in their stocking. With two narrow tips — one rubber and one a brush — there will be no safe place for dust, no matter how small the crack or crevice is. These are perfect for the office and the car, so maybe you should grab two!

EXTRA (Brand) Gum

I know you’re probably scratching your head on this one — why is gum a good stocking stuffer for organized people? Well, first off, organized people like gum just as much as anyone else. Second, EXTRA gum, specifically, comes in plastic cases and when you’ve eaten all the gum, you can use the cases to hold gift cards, a small first aid kit, business cards, and more!

Extra gum and the handy cases they come in are perfect for all sorts of organizing solutions!

Etsy Gift Cards

An Etsy gift cards are perfect stocking stuffers for organized people!

Two words: Custom Labels. Etsy, well known for its homemade crafts, is a great place to purchase custom labels that are perfect for organizing every spot in your home (and I’m not just saying this because I have an Etsy shop, I really mean it!). Grab your organization crazy friend an Etsy gift card and they can tackle any space. If labels aren’t their thing, Etsy also sells a ton of message boards and stickers, all perfect gifts for people who love to organize!

Stocking Stuffers for Organized People

And there you have it! Those are my 11 best stocking stuffers for organized people. I, personally, would love to have any and all of those items in my stocking on Christmas morning. What would you add to the list?

11 stocking stuffer ideas for people who like to organize

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