Simple Summer Planner

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Once mid-February hits, parents all over America feel pressure to plan their summers. With kids out of school and 10 long weeks of nothingness ahead, it’s both thrilling and unnerving. How will you fill those weeks? Using a simple summer planner can help you figure it out!

Summer Plans

Summer breaks are easily one of the best parts of being a kid. All those days of no school, no homework, no getting up early, no structure — but it’s this lack of structure that sometimes has parents stressed.

Sure, we want our kids to relax and enjoy doing nothing, but we all know that after a few weeks of that, kids get punchy and trouble creeps in. Here, we aim for a good balance between busy and bored.

When you're making summer plans, make sure you plan some downtime.

We’ll go on a few trips and sign up for a few summer camps, but we also want to keep some weeks free for play dates and pool parties and park trips. But how do you make sure you’ve got that balance?

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Use a Simple Summer Planner

A simple summer planner can help you keep it all straight!

A simple summer planner is a one page calendar page that covers three months. Fill in your vacations and summer camps with an arrow drawn down through a whole week. You can make your own (directions below) or download a free version below.


My calendar features numbered dates, shaded weekends, and summer holidays. You can print one for everyone, one for each child, or one for summer meal planning.

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Make Your Own Summer At-a-Glance Planner

To make your own planner, grab a piece of lined or graph paper. Fold it into three columns. Unfold it, and write June, July, and August in the top of each column. Write the numbers 1-30 down the left side of June’s column, then write 1-31 down July’s and August’s. Highlight the weekends to give you a better idea of how everything’s laid out.

Summer Planning

Regardless of whether you’re a working parent that needs to make sure you’ve got child care covered or you’re home with your kids and looking for a break here and there, you need a simple summer planner. What do you have planned for the summer?

Ready to plan your summer? You need a simple summer planner to map out your months and balance free time, vacations, and summer camps.

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  1. Hi Melissa! Thank you for sharing this helpful article! I’ve been looking for the planner ideas, and this simple summer planner seems perfect. I agree, it’s important to find a balance between keeping our kids busy and allowing them to have downtime during the summer break. Personally, for the rest of the summer, I plan to incorporate a mix of trips, play dates, and pool parties into our plans. Thanks again for the inspiration and the useful tool!

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