An Organized Christmas – Ebook & Digital Gift List

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An Organized Christmas is a planning guide and a digital gift list so you can stay on track and remember what you purchase this holiday season!


Christmas is a bigger production than ever. It can be overwhelming, especially if you take on the brunt of the cooking, shopping, planning and general magic-making. While this guide will not make Christmas any less work, it will break it down into manageable chunks, making it less stressful. The point of the holiday is to spend time with family and let important people in your lives know how much they mean to you. Unfortunately, that’s not so easy when your to-do list is a mile long.

This workbook will help you have an organized Christmas that will leave tons of time for fun (need ideas for fun? Check out the included Bucket List). It starts at the end of October and, if followed, you’ll have your Christmas all wrapped up (literally) and ready to go around December 22nd with time to relax and enjoy.

Have a very merry (and organized) Christmas!


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