How to Organize Your Drawers

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Organizing can overwhelm, especially if you’re never done it, you’re out of practice, or you’ve got a cluttered space. My advice? Start small. A room? Smaller. A closet? Smaller. A drawer. Yes, I’m talking about how to organize your drawers, one drawer at a time, a #onedrawerchallenge.

How to organize your drawers doesn't have to be complicated. Start with one drawer and get it done!

Recently, I teamed up with 4 other amazing organizers from around the country to organize one drawer. Just one. With such a small commitment, surely even the most reluctant of us can get the job done! So here are 5 ways how to organize your drawers.

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An Organized Coffee Drawer

Laura from @iheartbins in Kansas shared how she organizes her coffee drawer. What? You’ve never heard of a coffee drawer? They’re totally a thing now. Do you need one in your life? Laura’s got some inspiration for you. She used drawer bins from Target (they’re out of stock, but these should work­), added custom vinyl labels to the bottom of the bins (check out her shop) and sorted all her coffee, tea, and hot chocolate pods accordingly. She added some drawer dividers to keep everything in place and threw in a handful of mugs.

An Organized Party Drawer

Nicole from @niceandneat_athome based out of Ohio had another great idea for a drawer: a party drawer! Nicole used a narrow drawer, added a divided tray and then threw in all things party… balloons, candles, and streamer paper! Sometimes those narrow drawers can be awkward and hard to use—giving them a small, special purpose is a great way to stay organized and use every inch of your space. Avoid the last-minute search for birthday items by assigning them a home.

An Organized Silverware Drawer

Don’t have a coffee drawer or a party drawer? Jen, owner of The Simply Sorted in Washington state, shared a silverware drawer—everyone has one of those, right? Jen shares her favorite products and tips for when your silverware drawer needs a bit of help. She used an expandable bamboo utensil drawer organizer to fit all her silverware, plus a few extras. Read all about it on her blog post or check her out on social media @thesimplysorted.

An Organized Utensil Drawer

Need more kitchen ideas? Rachel, professional organizer and owner of A Beautiful Mess (@abeautifulmess101), also worked in the kitchen organizing a food prep drawer. Peelers, mashers, scoopers—you name it, she organized it. Rachel used acrylic individual bins, matched them to individual items, and created the perfect storage solution for a drawer full of food prep gadgets. Now it’s so easy to find just what you need, and to put it back when you’re done using it!

An Organized Bathroom Drawer

Finally, my drawer in the #onedrawerchallenge was a bathroom drawer. You know the deal… take it all out, wipe it all down, sort, purge, measure, contain, and put it back in after playing a few rounds of Tetris to make sure everything is a perfect fit. I used iDesign Linus Storage Bins from The Container Store to store all my everyday bathroom needs. Using the exact sized bin for the job allows you to use every inch of your drawer. My glasses, toothpaste, and floss have never been happier. I even had some extra room to add a little bin of cotton balls. Read allllll the details in this post.

What Organized Drawers Have in Common

Purged & Minimal

All these drawers were purged before organizing. If you’ve got too much in a drawer, it will never stay organized. Minimizing what you have in a drawer allows you to value each item, give it a home, find it when you need it, and return it properly when you’re finished using it.

Sorted into Categories

The items in the drawers were sorted into categories — whether it’s coffee pods or balloons. Keep like with like! This helps you create a reliable system. It also lets you quickly taken inventory. If you have too much, you can purge. If you don’t have enough, you can restock.


Organizing products aren’t always necessary, but they are pretty important in drawers. Dividing a drawer up is a helpful way to keep items separated and organized. Check the dollar store or use an old box you have around the house for inexpensive dividers. Don’t overthink how to organize your drawers, just get in there and do it!

And THAT’S How To Organize Drawers

Five perfectly organized drawers in five homes across the country with so much in common! Organizing doesn’t have to be a gigantic project, it doesn’t have to be expensive, and it doesn’t have to take hours. Organizing just one drawer is a great place to start your organizing journey.

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