Week 7: Master Bedroom

It’s week 6 of the Less Mess Challenge—which means we’re more than halfway through! This week, we’ll be working on organizing and decluttering your bedroom and closet.

During week 7 of the Less Mess Challenge we'll be decluttering, organizing, and cleaning our master bedrooms.

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Master Bedroom Musings

When you see master bedrooms on Pinterest and Instagram, you probably see calm, serene places with a nicely made bed and a candle or two sprinkled around for romantic vibes. Not that we’re all trying to live that Pinterest-Perfect life, but these pictures have a point.

Master Bedroom Organization

When your bedroom is calm, tidy, and peaceful, they become the retreat and resting place they’re meant to be. If your bedroom is messy, cluttered, and full of everyone else’s junk… it probably needs some decluttering and organization!

Bedrooms that are uncluttered and calm actually improve your sleep quality, which then improves many other aspects of your life.

So really, you can’t afford to have a messy bedroom (says a person whose bedroom is currently pretty messy).

Take this opportunity to clear your surfaces, tidy your drawers, and give your room a good cleaning. Remove everything that doesn’t belong in your bedroom—it will make a massive difference in the feel of your room and the feel of your life!

Decluttering and Organizing Master Bedrooms

As always, do what you can when you can. This challenge is broken down by tasks that make the biggest impact in different amounts of time.

If You Only Have 30 Minutes: Quick Declutter

  • Clear your dresser and nightstand surface.
  • Tidy your dresser drawers, looking quickly through each one and pulling out anything you haven’t worn in a while.
  • Remove any items that do not belong in your room (kids’ toys and books, donations, etc.)
  • Change sheets and make your bed.
How clean is your bedroom? Give it some love during the Less Mess Challenge this week!

If You Have an Hour: Declutter & Surface Clean

  • Everything above, plus…
  • Empty your nightstand drawers, wipe them out, and refill them with only what you need—keeping them as simple as possible will allow you to find what you need in the middle of the night
  • Choose a few dresser drawers that are overcrowded or messy. Pull the items out, evaluate them, and put back only what you love. Consider swapping drawers or changing your system if they’re still too crowded.
  • Dust all your surfaces.
  • Vacuum the floor
File folded pajamas with room to spare.

If You Have a Few Hours: Declutter, Deep Clean & Organize

  • Everything above, plus…
  • Empty all dresser drawers to evaluate contents. Fold everything nicely and return.
  • Look through any other items that haven’t been addressed. Are they needed and loved?
  • Dust baseboards, doors, light fixtures, and switches.
  • Wash all bedding, curtains, and blankets.

Maintaining Bedroom Organization

Now that you’ve organized your bedroom, you need to maintain your organization. The good news is, even if you let it slide a bit, it won’t be hard to reset barring anything catastrophic.

To maintain your organization:

  • Do laundry start to finish — wash, dry, fold, hang, put away — regularly (as in, once or twice a week).
  • Don’t let your room become a dumping ground for other people’s things.
  • Regularly assess your clothing and make sure you still love it.
  • Don’t let your dresser become a dumping ground.
  • Keep your nightstand as minimal as possible.
  • Create a donation basket where you drop discards.
  • Assign a place for partly clean clothes and put them there (no, the chair in your corner is not a suitable spot).
  • Make your bed and do a quick reset of your space every day
  • Change your shopping habits — not only is it great for your closet, it’s great for your budget and the world.

Decluttering & Organizing Your Bedroom

Decluttering and organizing your room may be a lot of work if your room has become the “dumping ground” but don’t you deserve a nice, calm place to relax and rest?

Clear your space this week and try to form small, daily habits to keep it clean. Then, sleep soundly in your tidy and organized space.

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