Laundry Schedule [Printable]

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Laundry is a topic that gets talked about A LOT. It can also be quite controversial… do you sort clothes or just toss it in? Do you do a load a day or do you have a laundry day? Do you have a schedule or just fly by the seat of your (clean) pants? There are no right answers to any of those questions. The only right way to do laundry is the way that causes you the least amount of stress because it works for you and your family.

Creating a laundry schedule is a great way to get yourself into a routine and get those laundry piles under control.

A laundry schedule will vary based on how many people’s clothing your washing. My personal laundry routine involves me doing one family member’s laundry each day of the week (5 people), towels one day, and taking one day off. You can find out allllll the details of my laundry routine here and how and when you can get your kids doing laundry here.

Laundry Schedule for a Family of 5

The best laundry schedule is the one that works for you and your needs. I’ve put together a sample schedule for a family of five. At the bottom of this page is a printable schedule that you can customize and print.

Monday: Adults’ colored clothes

Tuesday: Child #1’s clothes (and sheets every other week)

Wednesday: Child #2’s clothes (and sheets every other week)

Thursday: Adults’ white clothes (and sheets every other week)

Friday: Child#3’s clothes

Saturday: Entire family’s towels and all hand towels

Sunday: rest

If you create a schedule, do your best to stick to it as fully as possible. That means doing a load from start to finish.

To be honest, I don’t adhere to a strict laundry schedule. I do a load a day, choosing whichever hamper is the fullest. That routine is fully engrained into my schedule and it works for me. If you’ve got a hard time staying on top of laundry, sticking to a schedule could be a great way to get yourself into a groove.

Your Laundry Schedule

There is an editable, printable laundry schedule for your use below. Download it, input your family’s information into it, print it out and hang it up. Give it a week or two. If the laundry schedule you created doesn’t work, adjust it and try again. If it’s still not working, it might not be because you lack a schedule. Here are three common reasons laundry can be overwhelming.

Don’t let laundry get you down. Stay on top of it with a laundry routine and schedule. If you’re new to doing laundry, this post has some helpful tips for doing laundry and caring for your clothes.

Don't let laundry get the best of you! Use my free printable to create a custom laundry schedule for your family.

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  1. Love this laundry schedule! As a busy mom of three, finding time for laundry can be a real challenge. Having a clear plan in place has made it so much easier to stay on top of things. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Love this printable laundry schedule! It’s so much easier to keep track of laundry days when it’s all laid out in front of me. Thanks for sharing, will definitely be using this!

  3. Love this laundry schedule! It’s so easy to follow and has helped me stay on top of my laundry. I especially appreciate the separate categories for towels and bedding – it makes sense to wash those items separately. Definitely saving this printable for future reference!

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