Want a Cleaner Home? Water is the answer.

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Parents live busy lives. The cooking, the cleaning, the snack fetching… it’s constant, isn’t it? All parents could use a break, a little less work. Today, I’m sharing one tip that has helped me more times than I can count. Do you want a cleaner home? Only let your kids drink water. Plus, the importance of water for kids goes far beyond a clean home.

The Importance of Water for Kids, and for a cleaner home!

Why Water?

Our country has an addiction to sweetened drinks. Too much sugar and too many calories leads to obesity, cavities, diabetes, and other health issues. While fruit juices may seem like a way to fit fruit into your children’s diets, the lack of fiber in juice doesn’t make them a great substitution for the real thing (source). Want to talk about the artificial colors and flavors? All chemicals. Who needs that? Not your kids, and probably not you, either. Caffeine is another issue. Stomach issues, inability to focus, and lack of quality sleep are just a few issues related to kids drinking caffeine (source).

And maybe a glass or two of (WHITE) milk a day (in the kitchen).

While this may sound restrictive, I promise once you switch to water only, you’ll never look back.

“Yes,” you’re saying, “but how does all this give me a cleaner home?”

Water isn’t Sticky

When water spills, there's less mess and little need to mop.

Sugar is sticky. Wet sugar water dries into a hot sticky mess. When kids spill, you’d better wipe up every drop and then mop up afterwards, otherwise your socks and dirt will stick to that sticky spot until you do. Not to mention it will draw ants and other insects to your kitchen and home.

If water spills, it’s just wet. Wipe it up. Or let evaporation help.

Water Doesn’t Stain

Colored drinks stain. They’ll stain your couches, your carpets, your clothing. Now you’re talking about stain removal or getting a wet vac out. Don’t you have a better way to spend your day?

There’s literally no reason to cry (or yell at the end of a long day when you’re out of patience and you can’t take one more thing) over spilled water. You can still sigh, it’s hard not to.

A cleaner home with one simple drink. The Importance of Water for Kids, and for a cleaner home!

No stains, no stickiness. Fewer cavities. Less obesity. Oh, and less money! And less waste! It’s win-win-win-win-win!

How to Get Kids to Drink Water

If your child is still young and you haven’t introduced them to juice, just don’t. If they’ve already got a taste for it, here are a few tips for weaning them:

  • Slowly dilute juice with more and more water every day.
  • Tell them you ran out of juice and that you’ll get more at the store. Let them watch you add it to the list. “Forget” to get juice when you’re at the store.
  • Be consistent!

I know that’s not an impressive list, but it’s that simple process.

After a few days of drinking water, they’ll get used to it. After a few weeks, they’ll stop asking for juice altogether. And you’ll never have to clean up a single sticky, splattery mess again (ha, just kidding!).

Water is the Answer

Water is good for so many reasons, and definitely good for keeping your home cleaner. Does taking juice away from your kids sound mean? Just wait until you hear what I have to say about toys!

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