7 Gifts for Organized People

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The holidays are just around the corner. You’ve got to pick that perfect gift for that special person in your life. But if that special person is someone who loves to organize, don’t worry, I’ve got your back. Why? Because I love to organize and I’ve compiled a list of my favorite items: Gifts for Organized People. They’re also things I thought about and wanted for a long time before I received them — mostly as gifts.

7 gifts for organized people. Gifts for clean freaks have never been so fun!
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Please note: The items on this list are probably not great for the person in your life with NEEDS organization. In fact, they might find the items on this list be overwhelming and possibly even discouraging. The items on this list are better for a person who’s already organized, enjoys organizing, and is always looking for a new project.

Gifts for Organized People

Matching Spice Jars (& Labels)

spice drawer insert
Spice Jar Organization will please any organizer on your Christmas list.

Matching spice jars make exceptional gifts for organized people. They are one of those items that you really would love to have, but never quite want to spend the money on something like spice jars. It’s things like this that make perfect Christmas gifts! Plus, it’s a super fun project to complete over that long, cold winter break — I’m speaking from personal experience. A set of matching spice jars was my favorite gift from Christmas 2019.

A set of matching spice jars are simple, inexpensive, classy, and they will match any kitchen. Get some matching labels off of Etsy, or purchase a gift card so your favorite organizer can pick a style–the two most common styles are large square stickers and die-cut vinyl. You could also purchase a Cameo Silhouette (see below) and they can make the decals themselves!

Label Maker

A label maker is essential for anyone who loves to organize. In fact, I’m betting your organized person already has one since standard label makers start around $25. So why did label makers make my list? Because “standard” isn’t always good enough. Check out this upgrade: The Brother P Touch Cube Plus. This little guy links to a smartphone via Bluetooth and has a ton of options. You can get multiple tape sizes and colors, print in different fonts, add symbols, emojis, scannable bar codes, you name it. The Cube is great, but the Cube Plus kicks the function up a notch with the ability to print on label tape up to 1” tall. Who doesn’t love a nice, meaty label? THIS is definitely one of the best gifts for organized people.

Go the extra mile and grab a case and some extra label tape.

A Limelife Planner or Notebook

Yes, you could go to Walmart and grab a planner off the shelf for $12.99, but where’s the fun in that? Spoil the organizer in your life by upgrading to a Limelife Planner. Limelife Planners also has an assortment of customizable notebooks you can purchase.

Planners start around $45, while notebook start around $15. There are upgrades and add-ons you can select, if desired.

The quality of the printing and paper are absolutely amazing, as is the customer service. The planners in Walmart, not so much—the pages are flimsy, the ink will easily bleed through. Planners are custom made as each order comes in, so order yours early if you want it to arrive for Christmas.

Don’t know where to start? The 8×8 vertical planner is a brilliant choice. Here’s a tour of mine. Not confident picking out a planner for someone else (I don’t blame you, it’s a very personal decision)? Grab one of their notebooks or a gift card.

Matching Hangers

Matching hangers are a splurge that moms (and maybe dads) often feel guilty buying for themselves, but they are oh-so-decadent. Not only do they upgrade a closet’s style, but they also provide a nice clean look. Make sure you count the current hangers in the closet and purchase that many—no one wants half a closet’s worth of matching hangers.

The most common upgraded hangers are velvet and wood. Velvet is great for small, full closets because they’re slim and less expensive. Wooden hangers are larger and stronger, but also more expensive. If you’re short on closet space, this probably isn’t a good option — but they are great for heavier items like coats.

Vinyl Cutting Machine

Cameo Silhouettes make excellent gifts for organized people AND crafters.

The Cameo Silhouette or Cricut Explore Air are amazing additions to any organizer’s repertoire. Not only are they absolutely ideal for making customized labels, they’re also quite fun little machines for people who enjoy crafting when they’re not organizing.

With the capabilities of making signs, shirts, wall decals, and much more, cutting machines are very versatile. They even have the potential to pay for themselves through selling crafts and labels.

If you think your favorite organizer would love the labels but wouldn’t be interested in learning how to design and cut them, there are many custom vinyl label options can be personalized on Etsy.

A Laminator

Laminators make excellent gifts for organized people.

Yes, really.

Small, personal laminators are great for preserving important papers like certificates and precious handprint artwork. Plus, they’re useful for laminating documents you’d like to reuse over and over—such as a schedule, a chore chart, a weekly menu, or printables off of Etsy. Write on them with wet erase, dry erase, or sharpie markers and wipe them off when you need to start fresh. Plus, they’re super affordable, starting at around $25. Go the extra mile and grab a few extra laminator sheets while you’re shopping.

Display Technologies Fridge Dispenser

Okay, okay, I know this is a little extra but I NEED this Display Technologies Can Dispenser for my drink fridge.

I like to keep my drink fridge stocked with sodas, waters, and alcoholic beverages for guests and movie nights, but it is a lot of work sometimes. It’s difficult to rotate stock and make sure the oldest items are in the front without emptying the entire fridge out.

These pieces are a bit pricey, but they’re so fun and perfect for some place that’s dedicated to beverages.

A Drawer Upgrade

There’s nothing as dreamy as opening a drawer and having every single item in its own perfect place. I mean, who wouldn’t want to open their bathroom drawer and see this first thing in the morning?

Details on this bathroom drawer are here.

Pick a place your organized person uses often. Maybe it’s the junk drawer, nightstand drawer, or a stationary drawer instead of a bathroom drawer. Regardless, they’re going to love their drawer after its makeover.

This can be a tricky gift to give because it’s so custom. I’d recommend grabbing gift card for The Container Store with a note saying this is what you intend the recipient do to with it OR create your own coupon gift saying “REDEEM THIS COUPON FOR ONE BLINGED OUT, FANTASTICALLY ORGANIZED DRAWER OF YOUR CHOOSING” or something to that effect.

Ziplock Bag Dispenser

Okay fine, maybe no one NEEDS a ziplock bag dispenser. But if your organized loved one has thoroughly purged and organized every other spot in their home and the messy ziplock drawer drives them nuts this could be joy sparking. Even if ziplock bag boxes don’t drive them nuts, this is still a fun upgrade!

What organized person doesn't need a ziplock bag dispenser?

There are two types of these inserts available. The one above is four separate bins, which is perfect for adjusting them to your liking and drawer space. Another version is one larger insert stuck in a specific configuration. Which works best for you?

It would also be a great way to store reusable bags like my favorites from Up and Up.

Gifts for Organized People

You don’t have to love to organize in order to love someone who loves to organize. Luckily, this list of gifts for organized people can help you knock Christmas out of the park this year. These gifts are perfect for the person who’s already organized, enjoys organizing, and is always looking for a new project.

What’s on your wish list this year? Drop a note below and let me know!

7 gifts for organized people. Gifts for clean freaks have never been so fun!

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