Gift Wrap Storage Solutions

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Wrapping paper never gets used more than the week before Christmas, does it? While some people have special wrapping (or not-wrapping) traditions, I’d be willing to bet that regardless of how minimal or ornate your wrapping style is, you’ve got something that needs storing. Let’s look at a couple gift wrap storage solutions, shall we?

Gift wrap storage solutions for every space in your home on any budget. Professional Organizer approved.

Your Space, Style, & Budget

Before digging into solutions, let’s first think about your home and examine what we’re working with. The spaces in your home will influence the type of wrapping solution you go with, so before deciding which type of storage solution you love, think about where you have space and what kind of space it is.

Your Space

Where do you want to wrap? Where do you want to keep your wrapping paper??

Do you have an extra dresser drawer? A spare closet corner? An empty door? What’s under your bed? The place you’d like to store your wrapping paper and where you like to wrap will affect the type of wrapping paper storage solution you choose.

Your Wrapping Style

You should also take your “wrapping style” into consideration. Are you the toss-it-in-a-bag-on-the-way-to-the-party person? Or are you the type to sit down, cut perfect lines, and embellish with anything and everything type? Depending on which kind of wrapper you are, you might need a unique solution for bags, ribbons, labels, bows, tags, and rolls of paper.

If you’re like me and end wrapping on your [dog hair covered] living room floor, losing your sanity a little more each time you misplace the scissors, you may want some kind of mobile storage solution.

Your Budget

Finally, consider your budget. Gift wrapping storage solutions can cost a few dollars or a few hundred dollars—it depends on your interest and budget. Start by looking around your home for free solutions for gift wrap storage– it’s possible you already have a free space or solution.

Gift Wrap Storage Options

Under the Bed

Under the bed is the perfect spot to store wrapping paper since it’s long and skinny and has a low profile. You can purchase a plastic bin and toss everything in, or get a more customized option like this under the bed bag from Whitmor. It has a divider in the large bottom section–perfect for storing ribbons and rolls of paper and it has clear compartments on the lid that are perfect for bags and tissue paper. This solution is portable if you don’t want to wrap in your bedroom. Plus, it disappears under the bed when it’s not in use!

Gift wrap storage solutions for every space in your home, like under the bed! Professional Organizer approved.
Photo from Amazon

Pro-Tip: Throw a pair of scissors and roll of tape in for an instant wrapping station!

Cost: About $20

Vertical Wrapping Bin

Keeping wrapping paper stored vertically is a great way to keep those rolls contained.
Photo from The Container Store

Got a spare closet corner? Store your wrapping paper vertically. You can use an old (clean) trash can, a large bucket, an umbrella stand, or something specifically designed for wrapping paper like the Iris Wrapping Paper Box. If you’re getting a box with a lid, just be sure to always purchase wrapping paper rolls that are shorter than the height of the box.

Cost: Free to $25

Drawers for Wrapping Extras

With a tall bin like this, you may also need to consider an alternative option for wrapping accessories such as bows, ribbons, and gift tags. Betsy from @simply.done.organizing used a three-drawer Sterilite bin to contain all the bits and pieces. And she labeled each drawer, of course.

Gift wrap storage solutions for every space in your home, like in a closet! Professional Organizer approved.
Betsy’s solution for all the gift wrapping odds and ends.

Hanging Gift Wrap Storage

Maybe you have some extra hanging space in your home. Alanna from @forever_organized simply used hangers she already had and hung bags over the hook—it doesn’t get much easier than that, especially if gift bags are your go-to!

Gift wrap storage in a closet, hanging on a rod.

If you need to store a few more things, grab a hanging gift wrap organizer. When purchasing, consider all you have to store. You’ll likely want to get an organizer with taller compartments to store long rolls of wrapping paper, in addition to smaller sections for bags and ribbons. Minimize your wrapping supplies before purchasing—these work best when they’re not overloaded. Or, if you’ve got the space, consider two organizers, one for Christmas wrapping and one for all other events.

Pro-Tip: Turn these hanging organizers into a door organizer with an over the door hook!

Cost: Free to $20-$40

Wall Mounted Gift Wrap Storage

Gift wrap storage using curtain rods is simple and effective for organizing wrapping paper.
@simplyorganizedwithtina shared this smart gift wrap solution.

There are also many options for storing gift wrap on an unused section of the wall. One inexpensive (and genius) idea involves using basic, aka inexpensive ($1-2 depending on the size), curtain rods. Mount the rods in an unused portion of your wall, slip the rolls of wrapping paper on, and call it a day! Unroll the wrapping paper as you need it (like toilet paper). Bonus: your wrapping paper can be a work of art if you coordinate the roll designs nicely!

Cost: $5-10

Door Wrapping System

Love the idea of storing wallpaper on an unused closet or storage room door, but want something a little stronger than the hanging bag? Check out this Elfa Over the Door Rack, sold by The Container Store. While this solution is a bit pricier than some others, it’s also sturdy, stylish, and will last a lifetime. With Elfa’s combinations of baskets, boards, and hooks, you can store all your wrapping paper in a (most likely) unused space and access it quickly and easily. You can purchase a pre-configured set from The Container Store, or customize your own. These are favorites in the professional organizing community because of their look and function, as you can see with this example by Jess from @thepophome_.

A gift wrap station mounted on a door is a great way to maximize your space!
Jess from @thepophome_ used this Elfa Over the Door Rack to create the perfect gift wrap storage system.
Cost: $125 (but Elfa has 20% off sales often)

Gift Wrapping Cart

If you’ve got the budget and the space, consider upgrading your wrapping paper set up to an Elfa Gift Wrap Cart. It can fit in a guest room closet or the corner of your craft room when not in use, then roll out when you need it. With a basket for rolls of wrapping paper, a rod for rolls of ribbon, and 4 drawers, you can easily organize and fit all your wrapping supplies in one place. While these units are expensive, they also make quite the statement—adding style to any crafty space. If wrapping is a priority of yours, a system like this might make sense.

Christine from Where The Smiles Have Been was eyeing this cart for years before grabbing one on sale. She added custom labels to the drawers for a fun and function. This cart holds everything she needs and can roll to where she needs it when she’s ready to wrap. Read all about it in her post.

Cost: about $230

Gift Wrap Storage Solutions

So there you have it! 6 different ways to store your gift wrap! Plus, organizing your gift wrap or creating a gift wrapping station is a GREAT way to procrastinate from all those other annoying tasks on your to do list. Do any of these solutions work for your home? Drop a comment below and let me know!

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