Decluttering Fall Decor

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There you are, innocently strolling down the aisles of Target when you see an irresistible little pumpkin the cutest shade of turqoiuse that would look AMAZING on your end table this fall. You snatch it up and bring it home, only to realize your 7 bins of fall decor items are overflowing and your new acquisition won’t even fit. Do you really need and love everything you’ve got in those bursting bins? I’m betting not. Decorating for fall is also a great time for decluttering fall décor. But how?

Decluttering fall decor should be done every time you pull out those decorations.
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Why Decluttering Fall Decor Matters

Whether you’re into the “spark joy” method or the school of logic, I’m betting you have more fall décor than you need, items you no longer love, or things you’re keeping out of obligation.

Because decluttering everything matters. Because we don’t just spend dollars on our items, we spend our time on our items. Because the more you have, the more you have to store, display, pack, unpack and clean. Because if something isn’t ADDING to your life, it’s taking from your life.

Should I go on?

I can see how it might seem unnecessary to declutter items that are mostly out of sight, out of mind for most of the year, but never totally out of mind, are they?

When you declutter fall decor, you keep what you love and you let go of the other items, distracting you from what you love.

So, how do you declutter fall décor?

Set an Intention

Start by asking yourself some questions and setting an intent on how you’d like your home to look and feel in the fall.

  • What do you want your home to look like in the fall?
  • What do you want your home to feel like in the fall?
  • Do you prefer a minimalist approach to décor or a maximalist approach?
  • Are you all about it, or do you like to keep things simple?
  • Do you like the organic-y fall vibe or spooky Halloween?
  • Do you enjoy decorating or is it a chore you’d happily skip?

Answering these questions might help bring clarity to the task because they force you to be intentional.

What do you want your home to look and feel like this fall?
Are an organic decorator or do you prefer fun and festive?

If you know the look and feel you’d like but aren’t sure how to achieve it, scroll Pinterest for some inspo. Keep this look and feel in mind in the next few steps.

Side note: There’s no rule that says you even have to decorate for fall. If storing all these items and pulling them out each year is a nuisance for you, don’t do it! Throw a pumpkin on your porch, then sit back with a book and enjoy all the time you’re not spending doing something you dislike.

Gather Your Fall Decor

After you’ve got a look and feel in mind, gather all your fall items. They’re likely in bins or boxes somewhere.

Before even opening a box, evaluate the stack. Does that amount feel right to you? Do the number of bins you have align with the intentions you set above? If the number of bins is disproportionate to the size of your home or your love for fall, decluttering fall decor definitely needs to happen.

Fall decor storage. Do you have too much, too little, or just the right amount?
Our fall decor bins.

We currently have four (unmatching) fall decor bins, plus a wreath and a doormat. Four didn’t feel like a lot, but as I went through the items, I realized I could let go of a lot of them.

I’m going to purge a bin’s worth of items and reward myself with a bin upgrade.

Assess & Evaluate Fall Decorations

Okay, now it’s time to open the boxes and dig in. Again, keep the intentions you set in the first step in mind and evaluate every seasonal decoration in the box.

It can be so easy to decorate with items just because you always have or to hang on to things that you don’t love. But we’re done with that. We’re being intentional here with our lives and our belongings.

So as you remove items from your bins, ask yourself:

  • Am I happy to see this item?
  • Is this item contributing to my fall style or distracting from it?
  • If I saw this item in a store today, would I purchase it?
  • Is this item worth the space it takes up?
  • If I were to get rid of this item and then regret it, could I easily replace it?
  • Do I have the perfect spot for this?

Sometimes, you may not love an item, but your family might. Since you love them, grin and bear it. Afterall, it’s not just about the decor, it’s about the feeling of your home.

For example, I’m much more of a fall-lover than a Halloween-lover, but we’ve got a decent amount of Halloween decor. I hand the bin over to my kids and they decorate the playroom and their bedrooms with it. My space is full of pumpkins and plaid, which makes me happier than zombies and ghosts.

Purge What Doesn’t Work

If the item doesn’t “spark joy” or if it no longer fits your style, let it go! You may even be able to downsize the number of bins you’re using.

Side note: Preschools, schools, daycares, and nursing homes are usually happy to take fall decor. Just because it doesn’t make you happy doesn’t mean it won’t make someone else smile!

Decorate, happily.

Using the items you’ve kept, decorate your home. You don’t have to go above and beyond to bring a fall vibe to your space. Sometimes simple touches are the most effective.

If you typically host fall parties, such as Thanksgiving, you may tell yourself you need to keep more, but I’m betting your guests won’t miss decor. After all, they’re there to see you, not your centerpiece.

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One of the easy and most practical way to make your home feel like fall is to swap out a few pillowcases and to drape a cozy blanket over the couch. Throw a few pumpkins up on your mantle and you’re ready!

Packing Up & Reassessing

When it’s time to pack the fall items away, do another quick evaluation as you load each item into a box. Did you love it? Are you looking forward to seeing that item again next year? If you answered no, it’s not too late to let it go.

Decluttering Fall Decor

Here’s the thing about seasonal décor… it takes up a lot of space for a lot of the year. Fall décor is out for, maybe, two months. Same with Christmas. This should be a consideration when purchasing an item and when storing an item.

Only let items you truly love and enjoy take up space in your home and in your mind. Declutter your fall decor this year and I’m betting you’ll love the items you keep even more next year.

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Do you have fall decor items to let go of this year? What are you waiting for! Drop a message below and let me know how you did!

Make decluttering fall decor an annual tradition in your home!

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