December Decluttering & Organizing Tips

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December is a crazy time. There’s more coming in than going out as you shop for food, toys, and clothing for the holiday season. There’s a ton of concerts, events, and parties — leaving you little to no extra time to maintain order. I got you. Here are a few simple December decluttering and organizing tips you can quickly incorporate into your hectic month.

December is a hectic time -- but making an effort to declutter and organize will help it go smoother.

December Decluttering

Donate Toys. Have kids fill a box of toys that they no longer play with (At our house, Santa takes them with him after leaving gifts). Even the most reluctant declutter-ers can’t resist the idea of making space for new treasures Santa is sure to bring.

Evaluate Holiday Décor. As you’re putting out and packing away your holiday decorations and décor, make sure you love everything you’re keeping. Many times, we keep things out of habit. We don’t even look at an item to make sure we still get joy from it. Keep what you love, let go of the rest. My fall decor decluttering tips still apply!

Clean Out Wrapping Supplies. As with the holiday décor, go through the wrapping paper that hasn’t been touched in a year. Make sure the paper is in good shape and you like the pattern. Toss any smashed bows or sticky labels that have lost their stick. Many churches, schools, and charitable organization that host gift collections will take paper donations!

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Gift Consumables. If you have someone on your list that you KNOW wants that THING, get it. If you’re shopping for someone and you aren’t sure what they want—give gift cards and experiences instead of potential clutter. No one needs another mug. An umbrella? No thanks. A candle? Come on. If you’re just shopping to shop and spending money out of obligation, please stop.  

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Chip in. Go in on a gift with others to get one larger, more expensive gift (perfect for teachers, nieces, nephews, parents, etc.).

December Organizing

Consider Storage Solutions. When purchasing toys or gifts, also consider how these items will be stored. If you don’t have a suitable solution in place, grab a hook, a bin, mesh zipper pouches, a rack, or a shelf to put the toys or items in.

Tackle The Squeaky Wheel. You know the saying “The squeaky wheel gets the grease”? Identify the squeaky wheel that’s adding to your stress and tackle it. Maybe it’s the utensil drawer you’ve opened 7 times today and keeps jamming? How about that pile of shoes in front of the door you keep tripping over but not tidying up? Take a minute and fix those spaces. There’s no time for in-depth organizing, but taking care of little spots that frustrate you will help.

December Organizing Tip: Meal Plan to make evenings smoother.

Meal Plan. Busy nights and busy days don’t leave a lot of time or creativity for culinary masterpieces. Take a few minutes to sit down and plan our meals for the rest of the month. Schedule an online grocery order and swing by to grab your food. Here’s how I plan 30 meals in just minutes.

Update Christmas Card Lists. As new cards arrive in the mail, update the list of whom you send cards to. Is there anyone on your list that no longer sends you a card? How about someone you feel is no longer a part of your plan (as sad as this is, it’s also healthy to remove people from your life if they bring bad feeling and negativity to it). Skipping cards this year? Good. Do what keeps you sane, not what stresses you out.

Brain Dump. Still feeling overwhelmed? Try a good old-fashioned brain dump. There’s something cathartic about taking a minute and writing a massive list in your angriest writing on an unsuspecting piece of paper. Transforming your mental list into a physical list allows you to breathe and process. Here’s how I brain dump.

Declutter your thoughts this December!

December Decluttering & Organizing Tasks & Tips

No one’s got time for a giant organization project in December (that’s what January’s for, amiright?!?) but completing these tasks throughout the course of the month will help control the chaos of Christmas while still allowing you to enjoy the holiday season.

Plus, tackling these tasks will help you get a head start on our 2022 decluttering challenge. Sign up now!

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