15 Clutter-free Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

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If you’re anything like my husband, you know Mother’s Day is coming up and you’re driving yourself crazy trying to figure out what kind of mother’s day gift to get the mother of your children. You know she’s trying to stay organized and declutter, so what do you even buy?

Clutter-Free Mother’s Day Gifts

You want to show the mom in your life how special she is, but you know she’s on a mission to declutter, so you’re torn.

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Here are 15 thoughtful Mother’s Day gifts for the minimalist mom — but it’s not one-gift-fits-all, so use your judgement based on what the mom in your life appreciates.

  • Make her breakfast and then take the kids out for a few hours to let mom do whatever she wants in a quiet house.
Alone time is the ultimate clutter-free Mother's Day gift.
  • Orchestrate a date for mom with each of her kids. Ideas: coffee shop, favorite diner, nail salon, ice cream shop, favorite lunch spot, a walk in the park, or any other place mom loves.
  • Make a family day out of mom’s favorite activities like hiking, reading, biking, gardening, or putting a puzzle together.
  • Put together a slide show of family pictures from the past year. Make it an annual tradition.
Make mom a slideshow of special memories from the past year to show her how special she is this Mother's Day.
  • Purchase a gift card for a self-care activity she loves. Think: spa day, massage, manicure, yoga.
  • Book a family photo session with her favorite photographer. Not sure who that is? Check out who she follows on Instagram or ask one of her friends.
Looking for a clutter-free Mother's Day gift? Schedule a family photo shoot with her favorite photographer.
  • Make a video of family members sharing their favorite things about their mom. Have a live viewing of the video. Bring tissues.
  • Clean her car or have it detailed.
A clean car for Mother's Day? Yes, please.
  • Buy her some of her favorite plants and put them where she wants them.
Brighten up mom's garden this Mother's Day with some flowers -- do the digging for her, too!
  • Write down all the things you appreciate about her. Have the kids do the same. Again, tissues may be needed.
  • Hire a cleaning service to give the house a deep clean — or do it yourself but do a REALLY good job and don’t ask her for help or advice.
Hire a cleaning service for mom this year is a great Mother's Day gift.
  • Grab her a gift certificate for a personal stylist who can help her shop her closet for some great outfit options.
  • Give the gift of organization by hiring a professional organizer to help her declutter and set up systems to make her life easier.
  • Think about her day, anticipate her needs, and take care of them — get her coffee, make her favorite breakfast, do a load of laundry, help the kids get dressed, tidy up the floor, walk the dog — whatever Mom looks around and thinks she needs to do, do it!
Mother's Day Clutter-Free Gift Idea - A one-on-one date with each of mom's kids.

Mother’s Day Gift Ideas for the Decluttering Mom

If you have a mother in your life, whether it’s YOUR mother or the mother of your children, odds are you’re starting to think about Mother’s Day. But what do you get for the mom who’s got everything and is on a mission to declutter all of it??

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These clutter-free gift ideas are sure to please even the most minimalist of moms.

What else would you add to this list?

A Mother's Day gift can be tricky when the mom in your life is on a mission to declutter. Here are 15 clutter-free gift ideas!

4 thoughts on “15 Clutter-free Mother’s Day Gift Ideas”

  1. This is a great list and actually everything I would actually want . The dates with the kids is genius

  2. I love the ideas involving sharing what family member’s appreciate about mom — either by video or written down. We all want to feel valued and appreciated, and such gifts would certainly bring those feelings. Plus, they’d provide motivation, I think, to continue doing all those things. Great list, Melissa! Wishing you a wonderful Mother’s Day!

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