Books & Magazines

Day 9 of the Clutter-Free for 2023 Challenge tackles books and magazines.

Books and magazines are HARD to declutter, but if you’re a book lover (or if you live with one) you know collections can get unruly. If you’ve got an extensive collection and don’t have enough time to get through it all, just take care of the books you see every day that will make the most impact.

Let go of magazines you’ve read and won’t read again or magazines you’ve been meaning to read for ages, but have never gotten to (seriously, I know it’s painful, but just let them go. If you wanted to read them, you would have).

Repeat this process with books. Click the link below if you need some extra inspiration.

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Drop extra books and magazines at nursing homes, local schools, or Little Free Libraries (check the Little Free Library Registry here).

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