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So. Many. Shoes.

We’re a family of five and there are literally shoes everywhere. Someone’s constantly growing out of shoes and needing new ones and we aren’t always on top of making sure the old shoes get donated.

Take a few minutes today to go through your family’s shoes — especially those that are kept in your mudroom, coat closet, or entryway.

Don’t worry about boots — we’ll be hitting those soon! 😉

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Organizing Tip

If there are more shoes than you can handle that live by your door, consider keeping only the frequently worn shoes in this high traffic area. Keep the less frequently worn shoes tucked away in closets.

Minimalist Tip

Your family members don’t need different shoes for every outfit. Stick with a color theme and buy shoes in those color families so you can have more shoes match the same outfits.

If you have siblings who will wear shoes later, create a bin for them in a closet. Check through it before going shoe shopping.

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