Household Cleaners

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When was the last time you cleaned out under your sink? Household cleaners always seem to multiply on their own. Empty the cabinet out and give it a good wipe.

Put back only the items you use regularly. Donate the rest or put them in a backstock bin in the pantry, basement, or garage.

Instead of multiple cleaners for each purpose, aim for a multipurpose cleaner, or read below to see how we keep under our kitchen sink streamlined and minimal.

Sustainable Tip

A few years ago, we switched from using spray cleaners and paper towels to using Norwex cloths for most of our cleaning. We use very few chemicals and almost no papers towels now (seriously, one roll lasts a month or two).

Norwex is different from other microfiber because its technology traps bacteria on surfaces. Rinse it off, wring it out, and use it for a few days. Afterwards, you toss it in the wash and start again.

It’s better for the environment for multiple reasons and I feel great letting my kids use it.

The cloths are pricey but mine have lasted years.

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