Food Storage

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Just like mugs and water bottles, you very likely have too many food storage containers. If I had to guess, I’d say they’re in a teetering stack in the cabinet, with lids thrown in on the side. I’m also betting some of your containers have seen better days.

Go through your food storage containers and make sure they all have matching lids. Recycle containers & lids without matches and those that are stained and gross.

Stack the rest nicely.

Sustainable Tip

The holiday season is a great time to grab a set of Pyrex. They are made of glass, so they’re better for your body, don’t stain, are dishwasher and freezer safe and last forever.

I’ve had my Pyrex set for over 10 years.

The lids are plastic and do sometimes crack over time — but you can write to Pyrex and they’ll send you new ones!

Avoid anything with cartoons or seasonal decorations on them. You can’t go wrong with plain glass.

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