Day 13 of the Clutter-Free for 2023 Challenge tackles glassware.

Today we’re looking up. Allll the way up in the top of that cabinet where you keep all those glasses you never use. Or maybe they’re in a hutch in your dining room. Or, even worse, maybe they’re still in a box in the basement left from when you moved 6 years ago.

For a long time, we kept special glasses for when we had company. Except most of the time we actually had company, people would bring their own water bottles, they’d drink from cans/glasses/juice boxes/bottles or we’d use Solo cups because there were more people than glasses and who needs all those dirty dishes?

Take a few minutes and examine your glassware. If you’ve got glasses you literally never use either let them go OR move them to a more accessible spot and USE THEM.

Remember: Love it or let it go.

Instead of saving items for a special celebration, make everyday special and use your belongings.

Where to Donate

Drop your glasses off at a local Goodwill or thrift shop!

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