Mugs & Water Bottles

Day 1 of the Clutter-Free for 2023 Challenge tackles mugs and water bottles.

Mugs and water bottles – you know you have too many! And you may even collect a few more before the holiday season is over!

Decide on a reasonable number of mugs & water bottles to keep. Pull out the mugs you don’t enjoy using or the ones you keep out of guilt.

Like a mug, but don’t enjoy drinking out of it? Use it to hold pencils, organize a cabinet, or plant a succulent.

Minimalist Tip

The fewer you have of an item, the more you will take care of that item.

If your family members are constantly leaving their water bottles at school, work, or in the car, having MORE isn’t magically going to make them quit their bad habits.

If each family member has just one or two water bottles, they’re going to have to keep track of them and be responsible with them. Having fewer bottles will help them be more accountable than having dozens to fall back on.

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