Day 15 of the Clutter-Free for 2023 Challenge tackles toys.

Don’t panic, I know this is a big category, but you don’t have to do ALL the toys. Today, spend 10 minutes doing a quick sweep and reset of whichever toy spot needs to the most help.

Pull out any (literal) garbage, any large plastic items they don’t love, and anything broken.

If you’ve got some extra time, get your kids involved. Remind them they may get some new items in the next few weeks and they’ll have more space to play if they let some things go. It may or may not work, depending on the kid (two of mine are great at letting go, one keeps everything).

When my kids were little, they’d fill a giant sack of toys for santa to TAKE with him to refresh and give to other kids. It saved the elves SO much work ;).

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